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26: Battle of Athens, Ala.
31-Feb. 1: Battle of Smithfield, Va.
14-20: Battle of Meridian, Miss.
17: Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley sinks the USS Housatonic
20: Battle of Olustee, Fla.
22:  Battle of Okolona, Miss.
25: First Northern prisoners arrive at the Confederate prison in Andersonville, Ga.


2:   Dahlgren Raid/Affair.
9:   Abraham Lincoln appoints Ulysses S. Grant commander in chief of all Union armies
10:  Red River Campaign begins as Union troops reach Alexandria, La.
12:  Battle of Fort DeRussy (Red River Campaign)
23: Camden Expedition begins
25:  Battle of Paducah
30:  Skirmish at Mount Elba


8:   Battle of Mansfield/Sabine Crossroads (Red River Campaign)
9:   Battle of Pleasant Hill (Red River Campaign)
12:  Battle of Blair’s Landing (Red River Campaign)
17-20: Battle of Plymouth
23:  Battle of Monett’s Ferry (Red River Campaign)


2:       Camden Expedition ends
4-June 24: Grant’s Overland Campaign (Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor), Army of the Potomac
4-21:  Yazoo City Expedition (Forrest’s Defense of Mississippi)
5-7:    Battle of the Wilderness (Overland Campaign)
6-20: Butler’s Bermuda Hundred Campaign, Army of the James
6-7: Battle of Port Walthall Junction (Bermuda Hundred Campaign)
7-13:  Battle of Rocky Face Ridge (Atlanta Campaign)
8-21:  Battle of Spotsylvania Court House (Overland Campaign)
9:        Battle of Swift Creek (Bermuda Hundred Campaign)
9:        Battle of Cloyd’s Mountain (Crook’s Raid)
10:      Battle of Chester Station (Bermuda Hundred Campaign)
10:      Battle of Cove Mountain (Crooks’ Raid)
11:       Battle of Yellow Tavern (Overland Campaign); Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart mortally wounded
12:      Battle of Meadow Bridge/aka Richmond Heights (Overland Campaign)
12-16: Battle of Proctor’s Creek/aka Drewry’s Bluff/Fort Darling (Bermuda Hundred Campaign)
13-15: Battle of Resaca (Atlanta Campaign)
15:      Battle of New Market (Lynchburg Campaign/Valley Campaign)
17:       Battle of Adairsville (Atlanta Campaign)
18:       Civil War gold hoax
20:       Battle of Ware Bottom Church (Bermuda Hundred Campaign)
23-26: Battle of North Anna (Overland Campaign)
. . . 23: aka Battles of Telegraph Road Bridge and Battle of Jericho Mills
. . . 24: aka Battle of Ox Ford, Battle of Quarles Mill, Battle of Hanover Junction
24:       Battle of Wilson’s Wharf/aka Fort Pocahontas (Overland Campaign)
25-26: Battle of New Hope Church (Atlanta Campaign)
28:       Battle of Dallas (Atlanta Campaign)
27:       Battle of Pickett’s Mill (Atlanta Campaign)
28:      Battle of Haw’s Shop/aka Enon Church (Overland Campaign)
28-30: Battle of Totopotomoy Creek/aka Bethesda Church/Crumps Creek/Shady Grove Road/Hanovertown (Overland Campaign)
30:  Battle of Old Church/aka Matadequin Creek (Overland Campaign)
31-June 12: Battle of Cold Harbor


3:     Most significant fighting of the Battle of Cold Harbor
5-6:   Battle of Piedmont (Lynchburg Campaign/Valley Campaign)
9:   First Battle of Petersburg, Va., and beginning of the Siege of Petersburg (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
9-July 3: Battle of Marietta (Atlanta Campaign)
10:  Battle of Brice’s Crossroads (Forrest’s Defense of Mississippi)
10-July 3:  Battle of Noonday Creek (Atlanta Campaign)
11-12: Battle of Trevilian Station, Va. (Overland Campaign)
11-12: Second Battle of Cynthiana, Ky. (Morgan’s Last Raid, 1864)
12:  Battle of Cold Harbor, Va., ends (Overland Campaign)
15:  Arlington National Cemetery established on the grounds of Robert E. Lee’s home
15-18: Second Battle of Petersburg (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
17-18: Battle of Lynchburg (Lynchburg Campaign/Valley Campaign)
19:  Battle of Cherbourg/aka Sinking of the CSS Alabama
21-23: Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
21-23: President Lincoln visits General Grant and the Army of the Potomac
22:  Battle of Kolb’s Farm (Atlanta Campaign)
22-July 1: Wilson-Kautz Raid (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
24:  Battle of Saint Mary’s Church/aka Samaria Church/Nance’s Shope (Overland Campaign)
24:  Overland Campaign ends
25: Battle of Staunton River Bridge (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
27:  Battle of Kennesaw Mountain (Atlanta Campaign)
28: Battle of Sappony Church (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
29: First Battle of Ream’s Station (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)


1-7: Slocum’s Expedition to Jackson
3:    Battle of Leetown
5:    Battle of Pace’s Ferry (Atlanta Campaign)
5-6: Battle of Nickajack Creek (Atlanta Campaign)
6-9: Battle of Bloody Bridge
9:    Battle of Monocacy (Valley Campaign)
10-22: Rousseau’s Raid (Atlanta Campaign)
11-12: Battle of Fort Stevens (Valley Campaign)
14-15: Battle of Tupelo (Forrest’s Defense of Mississippi)
16:  Battle of Heaton’s Crossroads (Valley Campaign)
17-18: Battle of Cool Spring (Valley Campaign)
18:  Abraham Lincoln issues proclamation of conscription for 500,000 men
20:  Battle of Peachtree Creek (Atlanta Campaign) — Part I, Part II
20:  Battle of Rutherford’s Farm (Valley Campaign)
22:  Battle of Atlanta (Atlanta Campaign)
24:  Second Battle of Kernstown (Valley Campaign)
27-29: First Battle of Deep Bottom/aka Darbytown/Strawberry Plains/New Market Road/Gravel Hill (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
28:  Battle of Ezra Church/aka Ezra Chapel/the Poor House (Atlanta Campaign)
28:  Battle of Killdeer Mountain
29:  Confederate spy Belle Boyd is arrested by Union troops
30:  Battle of the Crater (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
30:  Battle of Brown’s Mill (Atlanta Campaign)


1:   Battle of Folck’s Mill (Valley Campaign)
3-8: Siege of Fort Gaines (Operations in Mobile Bay, Ala.)
5:   Battle of Mobile Bay (Operations in Mobile Bay, Ala.)
5-7:  Battle of Utoy Creek (Atlanta Campaign)
7:   Battle of Moorefield (Valley Campaign)
9-23: Siege of Fort Morgan (Operations in Mobile Bay, Ala.) — end of
14-15: Second Battle of Dalton (Atlanta Campaign)
14-20: Second Battle of Deep Bottom/aka Fussell’s Mill/New Market Road/Bailey’s Creek/Charles City Road/White’s Tavern (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
16:  Battle of Guard Hill (Valley Campaign)
18-21:  Battle of Globe Tavern/aka Second Battle of the Weldon Railroad (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
20:  Battle of Lovejoy’s Station (Atlanta Campaign)
21:  Battle of Summit Point (Valley Campaign)
21:  Second Battle of Memphis (Forrest’s Defense of Mississippi)
25:  Second Battle of Ream’s Station (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
31-September 1: Battle of Jonesborough (Atlanta Campaign)


1:  General Hood evacuates Atlanta
2:  Union forces enter Atlanta
3-4:   Battle of Berryville (Valley Campaign)
7:  General Sherman orders evacuation of Atlanta
14-17: Beefsteak Raid/aka Great Cattle Raid at Harrison’s Landing (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
19:  Battle of Opequon / aka Third Winchester (Valley Campaign)
21:   Battle of Fisher’s Hill (Valley Campaign)
29-30: Battle of Chaffin’s Farm and New Market Heights (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
. . . 29:  Fort Harrison combat
. . . 29:  Attack on Fort Gilmer
30-October 2: Battle of Peeble’s Farm/aka Poplar Springs Church (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)


1:   Battle of Vaughan (Vaughn) Road (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
2:   First Battle of Saltville
5:   Battle of Allatoona / aka Allatoona Pass (Franklin-Nashville Campaign)
7:   Battle of Darbytown and New Market Roads/aka Johnson’s Farm/Four Mile Creek (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
7:   Bahia Incident – capture of the CSS Florida off Bahia, Brazil
9:   Battle of Tom’s Brook (Valley Campaign)
13:  Battle of Darbytown Road (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
19:  Battle of Cedar Creek (Valley Campaign)
23:  Battle of Hurricane Creek (Arkansas)
25:  Battles of Marais des Cygnes, Mine Creek, and Marmiton River (Price’s Missouri Raid)
26-29: Battle of Decatur (Franklin-Nashville Campaign)
27-28: Second Battle of Fair Oaks/aka Battle of Fair Oaks and Darbytown Road (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
27-28: Battle of Boydton Plank Road/aka Burgess Mill/First Hatcher’s Run (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
28:  Battle of Morristown (Tennessee)
29:  CSS Albermarle sunk


.4-5:  Battle of Johnsonville (Franklin-Nashville Campaign)
.8:  Abraham Lincoln re-elected president in an overwhelming victory over George B. McClellan
15:  General Sherman’s March to the Sea begins
22:  General Hood invades Tennessee
25:  A group of Confederate operatives calling themselves the Confederate Army of Manhattan starts fires in more than 20 locations in an unsuccessful attempt to burn down New York City
30:  Second Battle of Franklin, Tenn.


15-16: Battle of Nashville (Franklin-Nashville Campaign)
17-18: Battle of Marion
20-21: Second Battle of Saltville



23-25: Battle of Trent’s Reach (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)


5-7: Battle of Hatcher’s Run/aka Dabney’s Mill/Armstrong’s Mill/Rowanty Creek/Vaughn Road (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)


25: Battle of Fort Stedman/aka Hare’s Hill (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)

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