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1861 April 20: Pierce County Good for One Company

April 20, 2011

In the April 20, 1861, issue of The Prescott Transcript we find the first article on a local militia being formed.


Pierce County Good for One Company!

Patriotism Aroused,
And Men of All Parties Volunteering!

The Prescott Guards held a meeting on Thursday evening, and tendered their services in response to the call for volunteers. Recruits are being called for from the different towns in the county, and we have no doubt that in our next issue we shall announce that a full company of 78 as brave and true men as will be found in the war, have volunteered from the Banner county.

The following call is issued to the citizens of this county by Capt. Dill of the Prescott Guards :—

To the Loyal Citizens of Pierce County:—

Volunteers are invited to enroll their names immediately on the Roll Book of the Prescott Guards, tendering their services to the Governor of the State, and holding themselves in readiness to obey any call that may be made upon them, at a moment’s notice.

Capt. P.G.

1.  Daniel J. Dill was a Mexican War veteran and a prominent Prescott (Wis.) merchant. With the assistance of other local businessmen and lawyers, he organizes the Prescott Guards and serves as the captain of the company. According to Michael H. Fitch’s published memoir (Echoes of the Civil War as I Hear Them, New York: R.F. Fenno & Co., 1905; available on Google Books), Dill “went up the river to Hastings, Minnesota, and down the river to various towns, in pursuit of recruits” (p. 18). We will hear more about the Prescott Guards as April and May progress.

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