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1861 May 25: This-n-That

May 26, 2011

Not much war news in the May 25, 1861, issue of The Prescott Transcript. Here are a few tidbits of interest.

We noticed Sergeant Winchester,1 of the St. Croix Co. Volunteers, in town last week. Some sixty or upwards of that company have volunteered for the war.
We learn that the ranks of the company are now full of volunteers for the long term.

The Beloit Rifles have disbanded, and their place in the 2d Regiment is assigned to the Wisconsin Rifles, Capt. Langworthy.

Senator Douglas is slowly improving. He is considered about out of danger.

It is stated that Col. Fremont‘s visit to Europe was for the purchase of arms for the United States, and he has returned with a large quantity.

The ladies of Richmond [Virginia] are to hold a public meeting for the purpose of passing a demand upon General Scott for the sword which was presented to him by the State of Virginia.

Arkansas has been admitted as one of the Confederate States. Delegates present, R. W. Johnson, A. Rust, A. Garland, W. W. Watkins, and H. T. Deneson.2

New York, May 21.  The Tribune says that yesterday, by a bold stroke, Government obtained possession of most invaluable documentary evidence against the sympathizers with treason in the North. At a given hour the officers of the law visited every considerable telegraph office in the Free States, seizing the manuscripts of dispatches for a year. Government can now trace the secret operations of the rebels and their orders and abettors, and henceforth hold the Northern enemies of the Republic at its mercy.

(Special to the World).— Mr. Barksdale,3 of Mississippi, writes that he has a company in Virginia, which he intends marching on Washington. Forty cannon are planted at Harper’s Ferry. The Pawnee is anchored off Alexandria.
Fifteen thousand Alabama troops, and twenty cannon landed last night at Mannasus Junction, en route to Harper’s Ferry.

1. Possibly Judson W. Winchester of River Falls, who will serve as a sergeant, 1st sergeant, and 2nd lieutenant with Company F of the 37th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. [Actually it was William H. Winchester – see the two comments below.]
2. All of these men except Deneson were elected on May 10, 1861, as commissioners to the Confederate Congress. Robert Ward Johnson (1814-1879), U.S. Senator from Arkansas from 1853-1861 and Confederate Senator from Arkansas from 1862-1865; Albert Rust (1818-1870), U.S. Representative from Arkansas from 1855-1861 and will serve as colonel of the 3rd Arkansas Infantry; Augustus Hill Garland (1832-1899) represented Pulaski County at the secession convention and later will serve in both the Confederate House of Representatives and Senate.
3. William Barksdale (1821-1863) had served as a captain in the Mexican War and as a U.S.  Representative from Mississippi (1853-1861). On May 1, 1861, he was appointed colonel of the 13th Mississippi Infantry, which he will lead in the First Battle of Bull Run.

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  1. Dan Geister permalink
    May 26, 2011 9:40 pm

    Winchester probably refereed to here is most likely the father William H. Winchester, he actually supposedly was not quite the same as he was before the war. He was exposed to the elements and partially an invalid. He was the first proprietor of a hotel in River Falls, the Greenwood House from 1855 – 1857 and also had platted out that part of town known as the Winchester edition, his house, 315 E. Walnut Street built in 1860 being the oldest one in that part of town. He was in the 4th WI during the war and wrote back to the county through the Prescott Journal later than this May 1861 date. I would suspect his sons wouldn’t have been as well known to the editor, but I could be wrong.

  2. May 27, 2011 11:39 am

    William H. Winchester is indeed more likely the Sergeant Winchester mentioned here. Even though he was never a sergeant once in the Wisconsin Volunteers, he was elected sergeant by the Hudson City Guards.

    William H. Winchester of River Falls enlisted on April 22, 1861, in the Hudson City Guards. He served as a Musician with Company G of the 4th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, which mustered in on July 3, 1861. On August 22, 1863, he was promoted to Chief Bugler for the Regiment and transferred to the Field Staff. On September 1, 1863, the Regiment was designated as the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry! He mustered out on July 8, 1864.

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