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1861 July 3: Prescott’s Other Military

July 3, 2011

An article on the Prescott Home Guards—now known as the Banner Badgers, the Prescott City Cadets, and the Prescott Light Artillery, from the July 3, 1861, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Military.—The Banner Badgers, by which name the incipient military company hitherto known as the Home Guards is now designated, held a meeting on Saturday last, and elected the following officers :—

Captain, John Reimund; First Lieut., J.S. White; Second Lieut., W.T. Abright; Third Lieut., J. Reichert.

The company has enrolled about 80 members, and they will appear on the Fourth.  We suppose they are called the Banner Badgers, not from any military prowess they have yet exhibited, but because Pierce [County] is known since last fall as the “Banner County.”

The Prescott City Cadets, is the name of a company of about twenty boys who have organized, elected officers, procured a neat uniform, and, under the direction of some older persons, are fast learning to drill.  Good for the boys.

The Artillery Company is in full blast.—They have procured a fine rifled cannon, six pounder, are all uniformed, and will be out on the Fourth.  We give a list of the members of this company :—

Capt.,—S. L. Hillier.
1st Lieut.,—C. S. Hutchinson.
1st Sergeant,VG. N. Houghton.
2d      do,—Henry Ticknor.
Corporal,—R. Richardson.
F Alby L D Gunn
G Ticknor N Hammer
C Meacham ___ Danforth
W Vosbinder S Bartholemew
C Boughton J M Copp
William Cook.

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  1. Dan Geister permalink
    July 5, 2011 5:17 am

    Some of these names are familiar to me, but many are not. The ones I recognize are Richard Richardson, Cornelius Meacham, Charles Boughton and William Cook. I am surprised on some of these names being here, but not too surprised.

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