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1861 October 18: News from the 6th Wisconsin Infantry

October 18, 2011

A letter from “B.N.M.”—Benjamin N. Meeds—a soldier in Company B of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry. The letter, dated October 18, 1861, was published in The Prescott Journal on October 30.

Camp Correspondence.

Arlington Heights, “Sacred Soil.” }
October 18th, 1861.}.

DEAR LUTE:—There is but little of interest in our camp now ; in fact we have once more settled down to the dull routine of guard mounting, police duty, company drill, battalion drill, dress parade, and occasionally a skeleton drill, which last is a brigade drill.

Rumor just now assigns Col. [Lysander] Cutler to the command of a brigade, thus conferring upon him a Brigadier General’s commission. Should this rumor prove true the 6th will lose a most efficient officer.1

Three of our boys, Oharley Steiner, Alex. Frier and Jas. Wells re-joined our company last week, and although they are not yet strong enough to do duty, still they are regaining their health and strength rapidly.

Captain Dill [Daniel J. Dill] has been somewhat indisposed for a few days, but will soon be able to resume command of his company.

Our arms and equipments are inspected daily, thus securing their good order.

John McLaughlin is getting better ; Converse, Hyatt, Leverett Hall and Warren White will soon be able to resume their duties.

The health of the company is with the above exception good.

On the 16th inst. one of the 7th Regiment boys was buried. His death is ascribed to his eating a poisoned apple.

I will endeavor to give you a letter regularly hereafter, every week.

We get fewer newspapers in our company than any other company on the ground. The last PRESCOTT JOURNAL we received was that of Oct. 2, 1861.—Please mail them regularly.

                                                                                         Yours truly,
B. N. M.

1.  Cutler did not become a brigadier general until November of 1862.

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