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1861 November 20: Notes on Wisconsin Regiments

November 22, 2011

Some newsy notes about the regiments from Northwest Wisconsin, from the November 20, 1861, editions of both The Prescott Journal and The Hudson North Star.

From The Prescott Journal:

Cavalry Company.

M. A. Dreibelbis,1 of Prescott, has received a commission as recruiting officer for a company of cavalry, to go into Col. Washburne’s [sic] regiment. It is desired to raise a company in the St. Croix Valley.  Twenty enlistments have already been made, and only seventy men are needed. Horses are furnished by Government, or if furnished by individuals are paid for.  When the company is full it will elect its officers.  We should be pleased to see a good cavalry company from this section of the State.  We are assured that a company can be raised if St. Croix Co. will furnish twenty men. We are confident she can do this. A recruiting office will be established here in a few days.  Any desired information in regard to this company can be obtained at this office.—Hudson Times.

From The Hudson North Star:

SOLDIER’S AID.—The ladies of this city are preparing a box of clothing, &c., for the comfort of the sick and wounded in the army.  We believe it is intended for the Hudson City Guards.

CAVALRY—Daniel Mears and his men have united with Capt. Hartwell2 of La Crosse, for the formation of a cavalry company which has been assigned to Col. Washburn’s Regiment.  The La Crosse boys are mostly railroad men, and with the lumbermen of this Valley, will make a ‘grand old fight’ when the proper time comes.  The qualifications of Capt. Hartwell for that position, are said to be excellent, by those who know him well. Success to the new formation.

THE FOURTH WISCONSIN.—Advice from the Wisconsin Fourth Regiment, (in which are our Hudson City Guards) states that it has moved from the vicinity of Baltimore to the eastern shore of Maryland, and are to be stationed at a point called Princess Anne, for the purpose of operating in that locality, and also in the eastern peninsular of Virginia should occasion require.  While the Regiment was at the Relay House considerable sickness prevailed, chiefly typhoid and camp fevers, and the Chicago Tribune says that no less than sixty-nine of the convalescent invalids were so prostrated by the voyage across the bay that it was necessary to send them back to the Baltimore Military Hostital [sic].

1.  Martin A. Driebelbis, of Prescott, will become the first captain of Company F of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry.
2.  George F. Hartwell, of La Crosse, will become the first captain of Company D of the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry, and Daniel Mears, of Osceola, will become a 2nd lieutenant in the same company.

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