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1861 December 4: What Are We Fighting For?

December 7, 2011

Following are several small articles from the December 4, 1861, newspapers, on a variety of topics.

From The Hudson North Star:

“WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR ?”—Clearly to maintain the Constitution and the Union and uphold the loyal masses. It is no part of President Lincoln’s policy to take the slaves of loyal men, nor would they interfere with those other rebels unless they find the rebels using them to the destruction of the government. This is the true ground, and this the ground upon which all loyal men stand in relation to slavery.—Washington Chronicle.

THE TWO SHERMANS.—There is considerable confusion among newspaper readers, in regard to the two General Shermans now in the service.  Gen. T. W. Sherman, the commander of the military forces which accompany the Great Naval Expedition, is a native of Rhode Island, and the Sherman who gave his name to the celebrated Battery of Flying Artillery.  W. T. Sherman, is the commander in Kentucky, a native of Ohio, and a brother of Senator Sherman of that State.

From The Prescott Journal:

We have received a letter from Mr. H. BOUGHTON,1 in which he says ;—

After I arrived in Madison, I spent a few days in the city, and often heard the remark that the Lyon Light Guard was the best company that ever came into camp here. I am in charge of the hospital, with 20 sick on hand, and go by the name of Warden, which position I expect to hold for a while. The surgeons are experienced and skilled.

1.  You might remember from a “Private D” letter in November that Hart Boughton was from Madison, and was in Company G of the 12th.

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