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1862 July 30: Officers Named for the 25th Wisconsin Infantry

July 30, 2012

From the July 30, 1862, Prescott Journal.

“The 25th Wisconsin Regiment” section also appeared in the August 6, 1862, Hudson North Star.


It is with pride that we chronicle the promotion of Capt. DILL [Daniel J. Dill] of this city, to the Colonelcy of the 25th Regiment.  He was among the first to respond to the call for volunteers, and his abundant means and large personal influence were freely given to the cause.  His soldierly bearing and prompt discharge of duties have won him the respect of his brother officers, and his promotion is hailed with pride at home and regarded by all who know him as justly deserved.

The 25 Wisconsin Regiment.

From the LaCrosse [sic] Republican.

The Governor has made the appointments for the 25th Wisconsin Regiment, which will rendezvous at La Crosse.


Daniel J. Dill, of Pierce county has been appointed Colonel.  He is the wealthy, loyal, liberal, and plucky captain of the Prescott Guards, in Col. Cutler’s 6th Wisconsin regiment, now in Virginia.  He is reputed to be an excellent officer, having served in the Mexican war before going into the present war.


Capt. S. J. Nesmith of the 7th Wisconsin regiment, a resident of Plattsville [sic], Grant county, has been appointed Lieutenant Colonel.  He enjoys a good reputation, and will probably make a capable officer, as he has military experience and popularity.


Jeremiah M. Rusk, member of the Assembly, from Bad Ax, now Vernon Co., is well known as the efficient mail contractor and proprietor of stages between Sparta and Prairie due [sic] Chien and Viroqua.  He is a man of splendid physique, and is every inch a man.  It is said he pledges himself to raise two companies of volunteers for the regiment.

All things considered, we doubt whether the appointment could have been better.  They will ensure the active influence of the prominent friends of these officers throughout the District.  Apart from the efficiency of the gentlemen appointed, we think the appointments have been so judiciously distributed, that the people of the several counties from Grant county to St. Croix River will all pull together for a prompt filling up of the regiment.  The plan to be pursued by the recruiting officers is to enroll at once all persons who desire to join the regiment after the 20th of August, so as to give them time for harvesting.

From the State Journal [Madison].

Capt. DANIEL J. DILL, of Prescott, now in the 6th regiment has been commissioned as Colonel of the 25th.  Col. DILL raised a fine company last year, and has the reputation of being an accomplished officer.  He saw service in Mexico as well as in the present war.

The Lieut. Colonel of the 25th regiment is S. J. NESMITH, of the 7th regiment, whose home is Plattsville [sic].  He has proved an excellent officer, and his wide acquaintance and popularily in the West will enable him to render valuable service in filling up the regiment.

J. M. RUSK, who is appointed Major of the 25th, was a member of the last Assembly from Bad Ax, now Vernon county.  He is widely and favorably known in the portion of the State where he resides, and is a man of energy and pluck, with sufficient physique to endure the fatigues of the service without wavering.  He has no experience in actual war, but we have no doubt he will prove a brave and capable officer.

From the Viroqua Expositor.

MAJOR of the 25TH.—It is gratifying to us and will be joyful news to our readers to know that our fellow townsman, Hon. J. M. RUSK has been appointed Major of the 25 regiment of this State.  We deem this appointment very appropriate and deserving to Mr. RUSK.  No better could have been made in the district, if indeed in the State.  Universally popular, with almost unlimited acquaintance, added to the fine appearance and friendly disposition of the man, Mr. RUSK cannot fail to meet with great success in recruiting and filling the regiment, and at the same time will command the love, respect, and confidence of all the soldiers.  We are proud of the appointment.  Hurrah for JERRY.

GOOD.—The appointment of Daniel J. Dill, of Pierce County, as Colonel of the 25th regiment, is a good one, and will prove satisfactory to all in this district.—He is sound, and will no doubt fill the position with honor to himself and the regiment he is to command. Under such a man volunteers will gladly rally and quickly fill his regiment.—LaCrosse [sic] Democrat.

We see by the La Crosse Democrat that Capt. Daniel E. [sic] Dill, of Prescott has been appointed Colonel of the 25th Regiment, which is to be recruited in the district.  Headquarters to be at La Crosse.  This is a good appointment, and will give general satisfaction in this valley.—Polk Co. Press.

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