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1862 July 30: Local News, Plus List of Wisconsin Men Who Died in the Fight with the “Tyler”

August 5, 2012

Small articles, mostly local war news, from the July 30, 1862, issues of The Hudson North Star and from The Prescott Journal.

From The Hudson North Star:

The Madison Patriot says :  During the fight at Vicksburg on the 15[th] Capt. Lynn, Co I, and five of the men of the 4th Wisconsin, were killed.  They were acting as sharpshooters on the Tyler.1

“BILER.”—FRANK DAGGETT, the biler of the STAR, has enlisted for the war.  He has joined the 6th Minnesota.  He was for three months in the service, under the famous Col. now Brigadier General Phelps, and was recommended by him and by others for promotion.  He should have a commission, for by service and ability he most assuridly [sic] deserves it.  Loving his country, and entertaining the belief that it is his duty to aid her, in this her hour of peril, he leaves a good situation and a young wife, for the camp and field.  May God bless him and the holy cause for which he goes to do battle.  As long as Biler’s engine is all right and the STAR continues to shine, we pledge its readers that occasionally, at least, they shall hear from him.2

From The Prescott Journal:

Dr. BEARDSLEY returned home a few days since from his visit to the Wisconsin Regiments in the Mississippi valley.  The Dr. discharged the duties of his position in an effective manner, rendering valuable assistance to many of our sick soldiers, making a full report to the Governor of the condition of the several regiments.

— JOHN L. DALE made a characicristic [sic] speech to the Governor in favor of the appointment of Col. DILL we can give only a “specimen brick.”  He assured the Governor that he was a plain man and lived back in the woods up in Pierce county—that he drove a mule in a little democrat waggon [sic], and hurried the mule with a goad stick.  He had hauled volunteers with his mule, and should do it again.  The goad stick had a long brad in the end, and for fear of driving the mule too fast he had put three leathers over the brad, but if DAN DILL [Daniel J. Dill] was appointed Colonel, he would strip off every leather from the brad and make the mule “git.”

SUTLER.—It is understood that Mr. A. J. Spier, La Crosse, will be the Sutler of the 25th Regiment.  He will perform the duties of a Sutler in a generous and satisfactory manner.  The selection is sound.—La Crosse Republican.

— Adj. OLIVER GIBBS Jr., and G. H. [George H.] Nichols, of Washburne’s [sic] Cavalry [2nd Wisconsin Cavalry], returned home yesterday.

— M. H. FITCH [Michael H. Fitch], of this city, has been promoted to the Adjutancy of the 21st Regiment.  This is a deserved compliment to Lt. Fitch, and will be gratifying to his many friends.

— ENCAMPMENT.—The ground chosen yesterday by Major Smith of the United States Army, and Post commandant McKenney, for the encampment of the 25th Regiment, is about two miles east of the river, being immediately west of the Miller farm, and about half a mile east of the cemetery.—La Crosse Republican.

— 25TH REGIMENT.—L. C. McKenney, Post Commandant, is pushing matters ahead with all possible speed, and soon will be ready to accommodate the men as they will come in for the 25th Regiment.  He has done much towards enlisting—more than any other five men of this city, and we are pleased at the position now assigned him.—La Crosse Democrat.

1.  John W. Lynn, captain of Company I of the 4th Wisconsin Infantry (from Sparta), was killed July 15, 1862, on the gunboat Tyler. Other men of the 4th Wisconsin who were killed and wounded:

  • Company B’s Private Elisha A. Randall (from Dartford) was killed July 15, 1862, on the Yazoo River.
  • Company D’s Charles W. Shaffer (from Mauston) was killed July 15, 1862, on the Yazoo River.
  • Company E’s Private David Bartram (from Jefferson) was killed July 15, 1862, on the Yazoo River.
  • Company G’s Private Albion Palmer (from Somerset), was killed July 15, 1862, on the Yazoo River. (Company G was the Hudson City Guards.)
  • Company F’s Private Patrick Touhey (from Geneva) was wounded July 15, 1862, on the Yazoo River.
  • Company I’s Private Anson Ayers (from Angelo) was wounded July 15, 1862, on the Yazoo River.
  • Company K’s Corporal John Doyle (from Chilton) was wounded July 15, 1862, on the gunboat Tyler.
  • Company K’s Private L. D. Goodrich (from Gravesville) was killed July 15, 1862, on the gunboat Tyler.

2.  We know “Biler” from his letters: November 19, 1861, and April 28, 1862.

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