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1862 August 6: Order of the War Department

August 6, 2012

From the August 6, 1862, issue of The Hudson North Star.


The most important news we have is the call for 300,000 more men, 600,000 in all.  We of course have not the order to Gov. Solomon [sic: Edward Salomon] of this State, but it is substantially the same as the one we publish to Governor Ramsey.

In to-days paper there is a rumored evacuation of RICHMOND.

Burnside’s corp [Ambrose E. Burnside], has sailed no one here, knows where.

McClellan [George B. McClellan] has sent Fitz John Porter‘s division, 10,000 strong across James River.

Governor Solomon [sic] will present the first full regiment after the 20th with a supurb [sic] regimental flag.

Following is the order from the War Department to Minnesota’s Governor Ramsey.  As editor Starr said above, the same order would have gone to Wisconsin’s Governor Salomon.

H I G H L Y    I M P O R T A N T !
300,000 More Men Called to Arms!
600,000 IN ALL ! !

Order of the War Department.

The following highly important order from the War Department, was received at the Executive Office yesterday afternoon:

ST. PAUL, Aug. 5, 1862.


By Telegraph from Washington, Aug 5, 10:15 A. M.

SIR—The following order has this day been issued:

ORDER FIRST—First, That a draft of three hundred thousand (300,000) men be immediately called into the service of the United States to serve for nine (9) months unless sooner discharged.  The Secretary of War will assign the quotas to the states and establish regulations for the draft.

Second.—If any State shall not by the eighteenth (18th) of August furnish its quota of the additional three hundred thousand (300,000) volunteers authorized by law, the deficiency of volunteers in that State will also be made up by a special draft upon the Militia.

The Secretary of War will establish regulations for that purpose.

Instructions will be sent in a few days.

The whole number of troops sent by the several States will be estimated and apportioned, and any surplus furnished by a State above its proportion, will be credited to the draft.

By order of the Secretary of War,
(Signed)          C. P. BUCKINGHAM,
Brig. Gen. & A. A. Gen.

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