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1862 August 20: Recruiting in Saint Croix and Polk Counties

August 25, 2012

Following are the small articles and tid-bits from the August 20, 1862, issues of The Prescott Journal and The Hudson North Star, mostly having to do with recruiting in Saint Croix and Polk counties.

From The Hudson North Star:

Sheriff BARKER and under Sheriff H. A. TAYLOR are hard at work completing the militia roll for St. Croix County.

Richmond and Star Prairie came in to-day with music and banners over thirty strong, for Capt. Harriman’s company.1

Volunteers for the company now raising are furloughed until the 30th.

For the last two weeks we have not lived by eating or drinking, but by recruiting—not for our health, but or soldiers.

ALBERT DOWNER, Esq., Furnishes the subsistance [sic] to Capt. HARRIMAN’S company. Boys, you will be well fed.

Each soldier coming into quarters in town, should bring a pair of blankets and report at the recruiting office to Capt. HARRIMAN, at once.

Captain HARRIMAN’S company will be quartered here, from this day until it is ordered into the regimental camp at La Crosse.

Captian HARRIMAN’S company will probably leave here for La Crosse, on Saturday or Monday next.

D. C. FULTON, CHAS. E. DARLING and ROBERT KENT of Osceola, have received recruiting commissions to raise a new company.  They are all good and true men, and will raise a good company.2

Uncle BILLY RYAN has sworn into the service of the United States.  The old man’s heart is in the cause, and his fidelity to the “old flag” is beyond question.  His countrymen well know the sacrifice he makes by enlisting.

Nothing but a fond love of country and the most genuine patriotism could induce many of our citizens to do as they are doing—leave business, home, family and friends to aid in upholding the “old flag.”

 JOHN COMSTOCK, A. D. RICHARDSON and L. D. BARTLETT are the men designated as the “war fund” committee.  No better men could have been selected in the whole county for this worthy object.

From The Prescott Journal:

The Colonel of the 25th.

It seems that the War Department does not accept the resignation of any of its commissioned officers in active service, and that Capt. Dill [Daniel J. Dill] will not be permitted to leave his present command.  This is a disappointment, not only to him, but to his numerous friends in this vicinity.  Capt. M. Montgomery, of Sparta, has been appointed in his stead, of whom the La Crosse Democrat speaks as follows, “Col. Montgomery is a man of fine parts, well educated, brave, gentlemanly, and of excellent business habits.  Success to him.”  The 25th is now full, and two companies to spare.  Lieut. George Smyes, of La Crosse, a very worthy young man, has received the place of Adjutant.3

Old Trimbelle.

The banner town of Pierce county, if not of the state.  With a voting population of ninety-two, she has enlisted sixty-seven men for the war, and the last heard from the recruiting officer, John Dale had taken to the timber to avoid the pressure being made upon him by the few remaining ones, they insisting upon being enlisted, and John says no, nary other man.


The Fall Term of the River Falls Academy will commence on Monday, Aug. 25th, under the supervision of Prof. L. B. Toft.  Tuition free to children belonging to families of volunteers.

River Falls, Aug. 16, 1862                                              A. Morse, Secretary

SAM, of the Polk County Press, says, that he can deny the impeachment that Prescott and Hudson have each sent delegates to Madison to officer all the new regiments of the state, and the different companies now raising in Pierce, St. Croix, and Polk counties.

We are glad to see you magnanimous, Samuel.  Old Pierce wants no partnership in raising a company within her own borders.  When the county calls, count her in, if necessary, to the last man.  After it was known that she had more than raised her full quota, she enlisted another entire company under Capt. Dreibelbis.  Dry up, Samuel.

QUOTAS OF COUNTIES.—The following are the quotas of counties in the St. Croix and Chippewa Valleys:

COUNTIES              TOTAL QUOTA                NO. RAISED                NO. TO RAISE

St. Croix,—————-296———————–176——————-120
Eau Claire,————–174———————–191———————00
Polk,———————–78———————–52———————-46 [sic]
Pepin, ——————-132————————39———————93
Dunn and Dallas,4——150———————-130———————20

1.  Samuel Harriman, from Somerset, will be captain of Company A of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry.
2.  David C. Fulton, from Hudson, will be captain of Company D of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry; Charles E. Darling, also from Hudson, will become Company D’s first lieutenant (but will resign December 20, 1862). The only Robert Kent in a Wisconsin regiment enlisted in January 1864 as a private in Company D of the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry; he was from La Crosse, not Osceola.
3.  Milton Montgomery, from Sparta, becomes the colonel of the 25th Wisconsin Infantry, and George G. Symes, of La Crosse, the Adjutant.  In October 1863 Symes will be promoted to captain of Company F.  Daniel J. Dill will eventually get his regiment and will become colonel of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry, the very regiment that everyone in northwest Wisconsin is currently recruiting for.
4.  Dallas County was the original name for Barron County; it is located directly north of Dunn County.

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