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1862 August 27: The Sioux, The Soldiers, The Draft

August 31, 2012

The following editorial articles come from the August 27, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal.  You will notice that Editor Lute Taylor, unlike Editor Sidney Starr of The Hudson North Star, did not think much of the Indian war in Minnesota, and small items that will appear later in the week will show that he did not think there was any danger for Wisconsin.


The news of the past week is of no general interest.  The Indian raid in Southern Minnesota is the event of the week.  In Brown Co. about 50 have been killed, and a few in other counties.  The Sioux only have been engaged in this outbreak, and no doubt the measures so promptly taken have quelled the raid.


Our remoteness from the Capitol [sic], and the rush of business there, has made it uncertain what disposition was to be made of the soldiers raised here.  At first it was expected that they would go into the 25th, with Col. DILL [Daniel J. Dill] ;  and after it was learned that Col. DILL could not get his discharge, and the Regiment was more than full, there was an uncertainty about the whole thing.

We do not know into what regiment the companies North of LaCrosse [sic] will go, nor when they will be called into camp, but it is certain they will all go together in one regiment, and DAN DILL will be the Colonel.  This is sufficiently satisfactory.


Volunteering for the new regiments closed on the 22d.  This State has to raise about six thousand men to fill the depleted ranks of the old regiments, and unless these volunteer before the first of September, a special draft will be made for them.  It is probably this draft will be made from the counties that have not filled their quota of volunteers, though it may be necessary to draft some from those which have.  The regulations of this draft are not settled, but it is possible Pierce Co. may be drafted for a few men.

Hon. J. W. BEARDSLEY is the Commissioner, and Dr. J. M. WHIPPLE the Surgeon for Pierce County.

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