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1862 September 3: News of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry, Including a List of Names in the Saint Croix Guards

September 9, 2012

From The Hudson North Star of September 3, 1862.

COMPANY NO. TWO.—The company raised by Capt. D. C. FULTON and Lieut. Darling go into camp to-day.  It is composed of the best class of men, and their personal appearance is fine.  The officers elected are alive to their arduous duties, and will be fully equal to the responsibilities they have assumed.  The St. Croix Valley has just cause to be proud of her past and present noble volunteers.

PERSONAL.—DANIEL J. DILL, who was some time since commissioned Colonel of the 25th Regiment, and now assigned to the 30th, has arrived home and entered upon the duties of his office.  Col. DILL visited our place yesterday, to see as to the companies here.  He looks well, and every inch the soldier, as he is.  The three companies raised in this Valley and the two in the Chiwpewa [sic] Valley, will go under Col. DILL.1  This is most fortunate for the gallant Colonel and the brave boys.  A half regiment raised at, and in the vicinity of the Colonel’s home.  This will not lessen the bonds of affection between the worthy Colonel and the brave men.

JOHN DALE, esq., LUTE A. TAYLOR, and A. O. SNYDER were here with Col. DILL.  The former for a month has worked most efficiently, night and day, obtaining recruits.

Sergt. A. P. GREEN, of the 4th Wis. Regiment, returned home on Monday last.  Sergt. GREEN left the regiment nearly a month since.2

The 30th Regiment will be quartered at La Crosse.  The companies here will not probably leave for two weeks yet.

The War Fund Committee desire to have payment of the fund made at the banking house of ALFRED GOSS.

We intended to have published a list of Capt. FULTON’s company, in this paper, but did not procure the names in time.  The officers nominated on Tuesday, are as follows:



1st., W. A. Robinson.      4th, Andrew Larson.
2d, W. H. McDiarmid.     5th, Elisha Goff.
3d, Nelson N. Fuller.


David E. Jones.                  Pat Finnegan.
G. L. Dodge.                         Peleg Friffan.
Peter Kischer.                    Wm. H. H. Babcock.
Jacob Evanson.                 Mathew T. Houston.

IN CAMP. — Capt. HARRIMAN’S [Samuel Harriman] company is in quarters at the Willow River House, and is going through with efficient drill.  Well may we of the Northwest, look with pride upon the officers and privates of this noble company of men.  Their hearts are in the work they have before them, and we have the fullest confidence that they will perform deeds of valor, if they meet on the battle field, the foeman of their country.  The following is the list of names of the officers and members of the company.

2nd            ”                 GEO. F. DINSMORE.

                        1st, James H. VanMeter.
                        2d, Ellsworth Burnett.
                        3d, Merton Herrick.
                        4th George Hartin.
                        5th, James W. Dean
      Wm. P. Marshall. Abram C. VanMeter.
      Wm. H. Paddock. Fluelling J. Smith.
      Andrew J. Sherburne. Lewis J. Lampson.
      Ruben S. Andrews Henry N. Densmore.
      George Watson. Henry Dinsmore.
      Ahl, Wm. Jones, John C.
      Ammerman, Peter S. Jones, John J.
      Ashley, Abraham Kelley, Andrew N.
      Bishop, Wait R. Kercher, Peter
      Briggs, Benj. F. Kinney, Albert E.
      Brown, William E. Kaufman, John
      Buckwheat, David Lagan, Charles
      Bushnell, Albert W. Law, Francis
      Burnett, Charles E. Matthews, John C.
      Burnett, John Matthews, Wolfred N.
      Burnett, Wn. Merrick, George B.
      Cady, Edd. Nash, John M.
      Chambers, David S. Nicols, Theodore W.
      Childs, Israel Noyes, James F.
      Clark, William Nye, Stephen
      Colberth, Charles Owens, Evan
      Cook, Charles Pickard, Myron W.
      Coon, Sidney Parmer, Perrin M.
      Courier, George W. Partridge, George
      Crawford, Archibald Patterson, Almon H.
      Dawley, Ephraim Peabody, Albert
      Daily, Asaph Phillips, Aaron
      Day, Edward W. Phillips, Thomas B.
      Dillon, Gilbert Plumb, Charles E.
      Doe, Greenleaf Porter, Thomas
      Dresser, Frederick A. Pratt, Allen A.
      Eaton, Beldon R. Sampson, N. G.
      Eadwards, Lelander F. Sandford, D. Olver
      Ensign, Wm. W. Scott, Charles D.
      Farnsworth, Cyrus Scott, Theodore J.
      Flint, Phineas C. Smith, William
      Fowler, William H. Smith, Walter
      Godfrey, Arthur W. Springsteen, Lawrence
      Godfrey, George W. Spooner, Franklin
      Gooduse, Moses Starkweather, S. D.
      Goodwin, Andrew J. Stevens, Thomas
      Gould, F. Sylvester, Henry A.
      Gould John K. Taft, Leonard
      Hall, William Taylor, Benjamin
      Hamilton, John L. Thurston, Gilbert R.
      Harner, Edward S. Tabman, Noble
      Harshman, John A. Vassau, Joseph
      Hauley, Charles A. Wade, H. H.
      Healy, Ezra Wadsworth, Everett
      Hill, Thomas Wells, Silas S.
      Hotchkiss, A. J. Weston, Isaac F.
      Hotchkiss, Aaron C. West, William
      Irvine, Samuel West, Thaddus J.
      Jaquins, Scofield White, Robert B.
      Jameson, William Williams, Benjamin J.
Young, Rufus R.3

1.  The two companies are Samuel Harriman’s Saint Croix Valley Guards, which become Company A, and Fulton’s company, which becomes Company D.  In addition, the Salomon Tigers from Pierce County become Company F, and Companies I and K are primarily from the Chippewa Valley.
2.  Addison P. Green, from Hudson, was discharged with a disability on July 29, 1862.
3.  Obviously some of these names were misspelled by the North Star. Not all of these men will actually get mustered in. See the Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers for the full list of Company A, or for a list of just those men from counties in northwestern Wisconsin see this blog’s 30th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, Company A page.

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