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1862 October 1: Suffrage and Aid Extended to All Wisconsin Volunteers

October 3, 2012

This report from the Legislature in Madison, Wisconsin, comes from the October 1, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal.  Dr. Joseph W. Beardsley, a Union Party man from Prescott, represented Pierce and Saint Croix counties in the Assembly and in 1862 was the Speaker.

From Madison.

MADISON, Sept. 26, 1862.

Friend Lute:—This day, at 11 o’clock, the third session of the Wisconsin Legislature, for the year 1862, closed without any signs of mourning on the part of the members.  This session, though a short one, has been one of much interest to our Wisconsin Volunteers.

The right of suffrage has been extended to all the Volunteers from this State.  Although the passage of the bill was fought by the radical Democrats with all the pertinacity imaginable, yet the true friends of the soldiers were in the majority, and it has become a law.  Another matter of equal importance to the soldiers received their attention.  I refer to the Volunteer Aid Fund, which as you remember, only extended to the 20th Regiment.  This Aid is now extended to all the Volunteers that now are, or hereafter shall be mustered into the service of this State, or the service of the United States; this is right, as the soldiers who jeopardize their lives, their property and all the comforts of this world should be remembered to the last dollar, if need be, to encourage them in fighting the battles of our Common Country.

In relation to the 30th Regiment, I will say for the information of the boys that an order has been issued for their encampment at Prescott, where they will be mustered into the United States service, and if to remain in the North West for any length of time, will go into barracks for cold weather; if not, that is if they are to go South, they will probably leave, soon after their equipments, for Dixie’s land.     Yours truly,


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