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1862 October 15: “For the fourth time now, have the people of Pierce Co. gathered to bid farewell to friends and relatives going to fight for our country”

October 18, 2012

The Salomon Tigers will become Company F of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry.  This article comes from The Prescott Journal of October 15, 1862.

The Soldier Boys.

Last Sunday forenoon, the Salomon Tigers, and the two companies1 which have been in camp at Hudson, left on the Key City for Madison.  Col. DILL, Surgeon HOYT, and the Sutler JOHN L. DALE accompanying them.

For the fourth time now, have the people of Pierce Co. gathered to bid farewell to friends and relatives going to fight for our country, and all of blessings which it symbolizes.  The story of one leave-taking is the story of all.  That touching passage in Holy Writ, which tells us how the friends of PAUL once gathered around him by the sea-side “sorrowing most of all, that they should see his face no more,” epitomizes all subsequent parting grief,—the same yearning desire to hold fast to loved ones—the same desolation and void, when the separation has taken place.

The St. Croix Valley has sent no truer men than these.

“Brave boys are they all, gone at their country’s call.”2  Look at the list of officers: Col. DILL, Surgeon HOYT, Quartermaster STARR, Captain DREIBELBIS, SAM HARRIMAN, and DAV. FULTON, Lieuts.  E. A. MEACHAM, ARTHUR COX, and CHARLEY DARLING,—all active business men, whose places we cannot fill.  And the boys are worthy of such leaders !

There have no companies gone before who left so many relatives, and friends dependent on them behind.  It was a sad sight to see wives clinging to husbands, mothers looking perhaps for the last time, on the faces of their brave boys, and sisters weeping for brothers going to take the chances of the campaign.—We saw the tears fun down the cheeks of boys, with hearts of oak, who never felt the sensation of fear.

But the bell strikes the parting signal; with cheers and music, and boom of cannon, away they float.  God bless them all !  Should they be called to

“Like reapers, descend to the harvest of death,”3 they will be brave workers on that field.

1.  The other two companies would be Company A (Saint Croix Guards/Dill Guards), Samuel Harriman, captain, and Company D, David C. Fulton, captain.
2.  From an old song.  The full stanza is:

Brave boys are they all,
Gone at their country’s call,
And yet, and yet, we must not forget
That many brave boys must fall.

3.  From a poem called “Lochiel’s Warning” by Thomas Campbell.

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