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1862 October 22: Casualities in Starkweather’s Brigade at the Battle of Perryville

October 25, 2012

Last week we had a list of Wisconsin officers in the 28th Brigade who were killed, wounded, and taken prisoner at the Battle of Perryville.  This list gives totals of all men in each of the regiments in the brigade, plus expands on the list of officers.  The bullets in the list of regiments have been added by us to make it easier to read.  A reminder that “do” as used here means “ditto.”

From the Wednesday, October 22, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal.

The Lousville [sic] Journal of yesterday (Tuesday) morning gives the following casualties in Starkweather’s brigade [John C. Starkweather]:

  • 70th Pennsylvania, 38 killed, 148 wounded, 30 missing.
  • 1st Wisconsin, 58 killed, 127 wounded, 13 missing.
  • 21st Wis., 35 killed, 98 wounded, 54 missing.
  • 24th Illinois, 28 killed, 75 wounded, 8 missing.
  • Stone’s Kentucky battery, 3 killed, 0 wounded, 1 missing.
  • Bush’s Indiana battery, 3 killed, 0 wounded, 1 missing.

The same paper says the following Wisconsin officers belonging to Rousseau’s division were killed [Lovell H. Rousseau]:

Maj. A. H. [sic] Johnson, 10th Wisconsin ;  Maj. J. Schumacker [sic], 21st Wisconsin ;  Lieut. Mitchell, co. C, 21st Wis. ;  Capt. Geo. Bently [sic], co H, do ;  Lieu. [sic] E. J. [sic] Kirkland co H, do.

Lieut. E. J. Watkins, co G, 1st Wisconsin, wounded in hip.  So reported.  Lieut. Watkins of Milwaukee belonged to co A.

The following wounded belong to the 21st Wisconsin:

Col. J. B. [sic] Sweet, shoulder ;  Capt. H. C. Gibbs, co E, mortally ;  Lieut. Artenfieldt [sic], co E, arm ;  Lieut. A. B. Sweet [sic], co I, scalp.


Further details and corrections:

  • Henry O. Johnson, from Delavan, major of the 10th Wisconsin Infantry.
  • Fred Schumacher, from Milwaukee, major of the 21st Wisconsin Infantry.
  • David W. Mitchell, from Stanton, 2nd lieutenant of Company C, 21st.
  • George Bentley, from Janesville, captain of Company H, 21st.
  • Edward T. Kirkland, from Oshkosh, 1st sergeant of Company H, 21st.
  • Edward J. Watkins, from Milwaukee, 1st lieutenant of Company G (not A), 1st Wisconsin Infantry.
  • Benjamin J. Sweet, from Chilton, colonel of the 21st.
  • Hiram M. Gibbs, also from Chilton, captain of Company E. He died from his wounds on October 15, 1862.
  • Ferdinand Ostenfeldt, from New Holstein, 1st lieutenant of Company E at this time.
  • Abner B. Smith, from Neenah, 1st lieutenant of Company I at this time.
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