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1862 October 22: Western Wisconsin Men in the News

October 27, 2012

Following are the smaller items from the October 22, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal.

— We learn that Rev. A. Gibson,1 of River Falls, has been requested to be a candidate for Co. Treasurer.  He enlisted as a private in Capt. McLeod’s company, and was discharged a few months ago on account of ill health, but has now recovered.

— Gov. Salomon [Edward Salomon] obtained during his recent visit to Washington, $140,000 from the General Government on its indebtedness to the State of Wisconsin, and also two thousand muskets to defend the frontiers in case of Indian disturbances.

— Brick Pomeroy [Marcus Mills “Brick” Pomeroy] is the par excellence Union editor in the Congressional district, but his paper contains three gibes at abolitionists to one at a traitor.  Col. Stoddard will receive the votes of all those who hate abolitionists worse than traitors, though he himself is a radical republican.

 The following communication was read to the Assembly Convention, last Saturday:

PRESCOTT, Oct. 18, 1862.

To the Chairman of the Union Assem-2 Convention for this district:

SIR:—Hearing that my friends are using my name as a candidate for reelection from this district, I feel it to be my duty, as well as my wish, to withdraw all claims I may have for a re-nomination and whilst doing so I will say to the delegates to the Convention, that I have the utmost confidence that they will present a name every way worthy the support of all loyal men, therefore I pledge myself to a full and undivided support to the nominee of said convention.

Most Respectfully yours,
J. W. BEARDSLEY [Joseph W. Beardsley].

OUR GOVERNOR.—A correspondent of the World, writing from Washington, says of our Governor:

Sprague of Rhode Island, is well known; and his movements are always an object of interest.  He and Salomon, of Wisconsin, attracted attention, from their young and vigorous looks.  They are probably the two youngest Governors in the Union.  Salomon, though not so well known, is a man of decidedly fine appearance, and created a very favorable impression.  He is tall of stature, black hair and moustache [sic], with an exceedingly fine physique.  As is known, he is of German birth, but speaks English with much fluency.  He was accompanied by his interesting lady.

 1.  Arrington Gibson, who served in Company A of the 12th Wisconsin Infantry.
2.  Obviously they meant “Assembly” but missed including the second half of the word when they moved to the next line.

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