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1862 October 29: Never Have the People Been Called Upon to Vote at a Time of Greater Solemnity

October 30, 2012

The October 29, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal has little war news because of the upcoming election.

The Solemnity of the Hour.

Probably the people were never called on to vote at a time of greater solemnity than this.

 We stand upon the threshold of great times.  The hopes whose promised fulfillment cheers the heart of the patriot—the interests of humanity, reaching far into the future, are hanging in suspense to feel the verdict of popular approval.

The President has issued an EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION which dates a new era in the history, and sheds a glorious light upon the life of this Nation.—The one great question is, shall our votes show that we heartily endorse that manifesto of Freedom—that we rise to a comprehension of the times in which we live.  Never was there more occasion to devoutly pray,

“Shine from our hearts
Unworthy arts.
The fraud designed, the purpose dark ;
And smite away
The hand we lay
Profanely on the sacred ark.

To party claims,
And private aims,
Reveal that august face of Truth,
Whereto are given
The age of heaven,
The beauty and immortal youth.

So shall one voice
Of sovereign choice
Swell the deep bass of duty done,
And strike the key
Of time to be,
When God and man shall speak as one!”

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