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1862 October 29: P. V. Wise Adds Details to the List of Local Casualties at Battle of Perryville

November 3, 2012

Following is a corrected list of those in the Saint Croix Rifles (Company F, 1st Wisconsin) who were killed or wounded at the Battle of Perryville.  It was provided by Pembroke V. Wise, who also supplied details you will not find in the official records.  It was printed in the October 29, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Lt. P. V. WISE, who has for a long time been acting Captain of Co. F, 1st Wis. and participated with great honor in the battle of Perrysville [sic], where he was wounded, returned home on Monday.  His wound is quite severe, but he will doubtless recover in a few weeks.  He is proud of the “Bloody First,” and it is proud of him.

For the Journal.

Corrected List of Killed and Wounded at the Battle of Perrysville [sic], Ky.

PRESCOTT, Oct. 28, 1862.

ED. JOURNAL:—In your paper of the 22nd inst., there were several mistakes in the list of killed and wounded in Co. F, St. Croix Rifles.  You will do me a favor by publishing the following list.

Ord. Sergeant I. N. Nichols, shot in the face.
Sergeant S. H. Cowles¹                  ”          neck.
       ”         Richard Lovell       ”          head.
 Corporal G W Wing       ”          breast.
       ”         Albert Pollard       ”          head.
Private Richard Malone²       ”          face.
       ”         Miles L Davis³       ”          forehead.
       ”         Joseph B. Peabody       ”          breast.
       ”         Henry Kaylor       ”          breast.
       ”         John Ellis       ”          stomach.


Private Shannon Swesy,shot in the stomach, since died.  Newton Webster, shot in the small of the back, cross fire, since died.—N. Anderson, transferred to Co. G, shot in left arm, amputated, since died.4

Co’p’l John Dolin, in right arm, badly.

Serg’t S Lillis, in left groin and hip, severely.  Private M J Beeler, wrist, and right thumb shot off.

L Wilbur, in the face, with shell.

F A Peabody, in the left thigh.

Elias Hoover, in both arms, severely.

J F Lenfest, in both thighs, severely.

Hugh McCarry [sic: McCurry], in right arm and elbow, dangerously.

J O Fowler, in face, ball coming out at the back of the head, dangerously.

E Moore, in left arm, badly.

John Lapham, by spent cannon ball, on the right thigh, slightly.

E Warrendorph, lower right breast, buck shot, passing through the body.

First Lieut P V Wise, through the calf, just below the knew, and running diagonally and coming out near the ankle.

Ten killed on the ground ;  fifteen wounded three since died.

T B Pickett was taken prisoner and paroled.  I left him at Louisville.

I went into the fight with 41 men, so you see I lost more than half in killed and wounded.  Napoleon’s bloodiest battles only averaged 33 1/3 per cent. loss in killed and wounded.  I made Richard Lovell 5th Serg’t after we were placed in position to support the battery and after the traitors had commenced the charge upon it.  He was a good and as brave a soldier as ever lived.

My orderly “Old Nick,” was always on hand, ever ready to obey and execute orders, never asked why an order was given, never grumbled or whined, and held, as I do, that dead traitors break no paroles.

The men of my company that were present, fought bravely, as well as men ever fought, or could fight, save one exception.  Davis was the first man killed, whereupon Peter O’Connor fell to the rear and was not seen for two days.5

Joseph Herbert, jr., was not in the fight, having taken three or four canteens to get water just before the position of the battery was charged and the boys who left as guard back at Bowling Green told me that they saw him at Maconsville, 7 miles in rear of the battle-ground, and he told them that a caisson wagon had run over him and wounded him.  It does not seem that he was badly hurt or he could not have traveled seven miles after 6 P. M.6  I have Serg’t Lovell’s coat, musket, book and some small articles, and R. Malone’s watch.  I wish the relatives would call and get them.  The Boys are doing well.  Yours truly


1.  Hale Cowles, from Hudson.
2.  Richard Mallowny, from Erin Prairie.
e.  Milo Davis, from Hammond.
4.  Shannon Sweesey, from Farmington.  Nelson Anderson, from Hudson, transferred to Company G on October 25, 1861.
5.  O’Connor is not listed in the official record as a deserter.
6.  Hebert will, however, be discharged with a disability in three months, January 10, 1863.

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  1. Jeff Butler - Joseph B Peabody and Frederick Peabody would be my Grandmothers cousins from Hammond permalink
    February 27, 2014 11:53 am

    I just returned from a CW battlefield tour that started at Perryville retracing the 1st Wisconsin Company F “Saint Croix Rifles” campaign where several of my direct descendent relatives from St.Croix County either died, were wounded or taken prisoner. We then visited Chickamauga, Shiloh and Andersonville. I now have battlefield photo’s and Visitor Center videos and battle info that I would like to share with your staff. I told every CW buff I met about this website and how much I have learned from it during my ‘Saint Croix Rifles’ research….Thanks for these blogs and your staff’s amazing research —it’s AWESOME!

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