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1862 November 12: The Draft in Milwaukee, the Sick in Tennessee, and News of Three Prescott Soldiers

November 15, 2012

Following are the small items from the November 12, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal.  The spelling of the names of the sick Wisconsin soldiers at Jackson, Tennessee, is quite awful, and would have been quite misleading for any friends and relatives looking for news of their loved ones.  The names with [?] after them are men that we cannot verify as being in the Wisconsin unit listed.

— LAFE PARKER¹ is in town.  He accidently [sic] cut off his right thumb, and was furloughed for a few days.

— We learn that John Newton, private in Capt. Converse’[s] company, has received his discharge, and will be here in a few days.²  He is a brother typo, and one of the right stripe.

— Lieut. MEACHAM³ arrived here on Friday last, looking as finely as any officer we have seen in military dress.  He is well liked at Camp Randall, and no doubt will make a No. 1 officer.


— The correspondent Chicago Times forwards the following list of sick Wisconsin soldier in hospital at Jackson Tennessee:

Eighth—L L [Laban L.] Ames, Co E; G L [George L.] Plank, Co D; F Nelson, Co H; A J [Amos J.] Miller, Co K; J M Gilns [?], Co C; R H [Robert H.] Anderson, Segt., Co E [should be Co. C]; G W [George W.] Trude, Co I; H [should be D for David] Edwards, Co H; J C Rhodes [?], Co B; L [should be S for Seymour] Cummings, Co F; G [George W.] Buckman, Co A; W H Boecker [William H. Becker], Co D.

Fifteenth—Ole Nolba [probably Ole Norbye], Co B; Christian Sheff [Schow], Co D; E L Thomson [Thomas Thompson, perhaps?], Co D; E Geraldon [Even Gjeraldsen], corp, Co F; O Knudson [Ole K. Knudsen], Co F.

Eighth Battery—Gains Alkrick [Gaines Aldrich], J H [John H.] Gibbons, Thomas Valentine [Ballentine], Elias Wilson [Moses Wilson], Willard Hamblin [William Hamlin], J C Warren [John G.].

Fifth Battery—B J [Byron J.] Bullard, O P [Oscar P.] Haley.

Twelfth Battery—William Kuschi [Kushke].

Sixth Battery—Jonathan O Ide.

Draft Postponed in Milwaukee.


The draft in this city has been postponed by Government, probably on account of some wards claiming that they have been cheated by other wards.  The excitement among the Germans of the 9th ward and others has not yet abated.  A large crowd, headed by a band of music has been marching through the city all day, with banners inscribed  ‘no draft.’  Their intentions were said to be to destroy the records as soon as drafting commenced, but as there was no military force to back the commissioner, he declined to begin.  Soon after a message was received and read to the mob saying the draft would be postponed until further orders.  It is not known when it will be ordered yet.

1.  Lafayette Parker, from Prescott, enlisted August 15, 1862, and mustered out September 20, 1865.  He was in Company F of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry—Martin Driebelbis’ company.
2.  John Newton, from Prescott, enlisted May 10, 1861, and technically was not discharged until December 18, 1862, with a disability. He was in Company B of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry—Daniel Dill’s old company.
3.  Edgar Meacham, also from Prescott, was the 1st lieutenant of Company F, 30th Wisconsin Infantry at this time. As of November 17, 1862, he will become the captain when Martin Driebelbis resigns.

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