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1862 November 12: Latest News on the Dakota Indians in Minnesota

November 17, 2012

This update on the Dakota Indian “uprising” in Minnesota, coming from the St. Paul Pioneer, was reprinted in The Prescott Journal of November 12, 1862.

The Indians.

A correspondent of the St. Paul Pioneer writing from Redwood’s Landing, says: “Over one hundred and fifty Indians were brought down by us from Camp Relief.  They are chained together by the feet, by twos, and are only able to navigate with difficulty, and that in a very constrained mannea [sic: manner].  When they walk along, the soldiers annoy them by caying out, “Left !  left !”  They appreciate the force of this, as they have observed our men arching when this command was given.  They are now desingnated [sic], whenever spoken of, as “Los !’—from “Lo ! the poor Indian,” &c.  Two hundred and fifteen of the gentlemen are now in custody at Yellow Medicine ;  but they will be brought here in a day or two for trial.  This is the most appropiate [sic] place to bring the devils for punishment.  Here it was that the first outrages of magnitude were committed.  The fire has scarsely died out in the ruins of the goodly buildings which they destroyed, or the blood of their murdered, mangled victims sunk into the ground.  Just opposite is the battle-ground of Birch Coolie¹—almost within stone’s throw.  I was there to day.  The dirt on the graves of the slain is yet fresh.”

1.  Usually spelled Coulee. The Battle of Birch Coulee occurred on September 2, 1862.

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