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1862 November 26: More on the Draft Riot in Ozaukee County

November 26, 2012

The following two articles—one condemning the draft riot in Ozaukee County and the other describing Provost Marshal McIndoe—come from the November 26, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal.  They are a follow-up to last week’s post on the riot.

THE OZAUKEE COUNTY RIOT CONDEMNED AT HOME.—We extract the following from the Ozaukee Advertiser and Democrat.  It is a paragraph from an editorial describing the late draft riot:

“We should be happy if we could in any way palliate or offer some excuse for the outrages committed, as a number of those implicated are our neighbors and even personal friends.  We can only call it frenzy or temporary insanity, and we hope that the most ignorant man of that crowd will look back with shame and mortification on the scene, and never be led into such dangerous and disgraceful scenes again.  What the punishment meted out to those found guilty will be we are unable to say at present.”

We doubt not that the editor simply represents the feelings of a majority of the intelligent citizens of his county, both German and English.

Provost Marshal Gen. McIndoe

As soon as was known at Washington that there was likely to be some resistance to the draft in Wisconsin, the President appointed WALTER D. McINDOE Provost Marshall [sic] General of the State.  No appointment could have been more fortunate.  Mr. McINDOE is known to the People of this State as a gentleman of ability, energy, fidelity, and courage.  On the first breaking out of the resistance in Ozaukee county, he was on hand ready to enforce the law.  The draft was carried out in Ozaukee, without least loss of life, though at one time it looked as if we should have a small civil war.  Marshal McIndoe has also been present in Milwaukee during all the proceedings connected with the Draft, and by his good sense and promptness in discharging every duty to the govornment [sic], and, at the same time with the utmost consideration to the people, he has proved himself worthy of the public confidence.—Daily Wisconsin.

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