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1862 November 26: The 30th Wisconsin Infantry at Camp Randall

November 27, 2012

The following article on the 30th Wisconsin Infantry at Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin, comes from the November 26, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal.


It was our good fortune to recently spend a few days at Camp Randall.  The boys were glad to see us, and we were glad to see them, and the result was a good time generally.

The companies from this valley are the pride of the regiment.  The boys have generally enjoyed excellent health, and are strong and hearty.  Co. A, Capt. Sam. Harriman and Lt. A. L. Cox have received the significant cognomen of “Babes in the Woods.”  They are also known as “husky cusses.”  Well drilled, proud of themselves and their officers, they deservedly stand A. No. 1.  The Salomon Tigers [Company F] are worthy of old Pierce [County].  Capt. Dreibelbis and Lt. Meacham were absent during our stay there, but Lt. STRONG and Orderly DOW GUNN “ran the machine” to general satisfaction.  Capt. Fulton’s company [Company D], 1st Lt. Charley Darling, has made good progress in drill, and officers and men are well liked.¹

Col. DILL² is deservedly popular.  Quiet, but efficient, supported by an excellent staff, his regiment is already one of the best drilled ever in Camp Randall.

John L. Dale runs the Sutlers establishment to the satisfaction of all concerned.  The officers of the regiment board with him, and a more pleasant lot of fellows never wore shoulder straps.  The Hospital is under the care of Surgeon Hoyt,³ who is an old hand at army practice and “knows his regular biz.”  Altogether we had a pleasant time with the boys and left them with regret.

Several interesting episodes occurred on the journey home, concerning which this witness will not depose.

1.  Company A: Samuel Harriman (from Somerset) and Arthur L. Cox (from River Falls).
Company F: Martin A. Dreibelbis (from Prescott) and Edgar A. Meacham (from Prescott), Ezra B. Strong (listed as being from Somerset, Mich.) and L. Dow Gunn (from Prescott).
Company D: David C. Fulton (from Hudson) and Charles E. Darling (from Hudson).
2.  Daniel J. Dill (from Prescott).
3.  Otis Hoyt (from Hudson).

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