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1862 November 26: Company A of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry Sent to Green Bay “to keep order during the draft”

November 30, 2012

Following are the small items from The Prescott Journal of November 26, 1862.

— An officer of the 30th says that they are going “to suppress damned meanness where-ever they find it.”  If the Regiment was here they would find one good subject in the man who telegraphed to Camp Randall that Gibson had withdrawn, and signed our name and John Dale’s to the dispatch.

— GEN. POPE [John Pope] passed through here on Sunday on his way to Madison.  Much curiosity was manifested to see him.

— Col. J. HUGHES, of Hudson, lectured on “The Crisis” at Dunbar’s Hall last evening.

— Co. A., Capt. Harriman [Samuel Harriman], has been sent to Brown county, Green Bay, to keep order during the draft.

— JOE ELWELL sends interesting correspondence from Port Royal to the Hudson North Star.  [Unfortunately, we no longer have microfilm of that Hudson newspaper, so do not know what interesting things Elwell had to say.]

— Capt. DREIBELBIS returned home on a short furlough a few days since.  His health which has been quite poor, is now much improved.  [His health apparently did not improve enough as he resigned as of November 17, 1862.]

— We learn that several companies of the 30th have been sent into different portions of the State to enforce the draft.

— The citizens of this place gave a dinner to the two companies of the Minnesota 5th last Sunday.

— BRICK POMERY [Pomeroy] may be an excellent union man, but no paper in the State is more opposed to the Administration than his.  He repudiates the name, but adopts the style and glories in the success of the Byan [sic] democrats.

— H. A. WILSON [Henry A. Wilson], of the Hudson City Guards, 4th Reg., recently promoted to a Lieutenantcy in Co. A., 30th Reg., returned home on a short furlough a few days since.  GUS. is full of life and vivacity as ever, and received the hearty welcome of his many friends.

— WILSON McALLISTER, of Trimbelle, member of the Hudson City Guards, died at the camp of the 4th Reg. on the 20th of October.  [He died October 22, 1862, in Carrolton, La., from disease, according to the official roster.]

— Two companies of the Minnesota 5th arrived here last Saturday on their way to join their regiment.  They remained till Sunday, and left on the Frank Steele.  They were as fine looking, well behaved men as we have seen.  The novel sight of a camp in our city drew many visitors.

— JOHN MILLER, of this city, member of the Salomon Tigers, died at Camp Randall yesterday morning.  [John M. Miller, from Prescott, died November 24, 1862, in Madison, Wis., from disease.]

— JAMES ARMSTRONG, member of Co. B, 6th Wis., who returned home last week, died at his father’s residence at Trimbelle, last Monday evening.  [The official roster only lists his discharge, October 25, 1862, because of a disability.]

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