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1862 December 10 and 13: The Week’s Small Articles

December 13, 2012

The following articles are from the December 10, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal and the December 13, 1862, issue of The Polk County Press.

The Prescott Journal:

DR. THORNHILL.—Dr. S. P. Thornhill of Hudson, Surgeon of the Eighth Wis. Reg., has recently been dismissed from the service.  A correspondent of the State Journal writes as follows :

We were astonished this morning at the reception of an order from the Secretary of War dismissing Surgeon Thornhill of our regiment from the service for neglect of duty.  When or where he has been guilty of neglecting his duty as a surgeon, we are at a loss to imagine and the order comes entirely unthought of.  The fact that an accusation against him had been made or was intended to be made by anybody, either in or out of the army, had never come to the knowledge of the Dr., or of anybody in the regiment.  We are sorry to part with him.   We have known him as one of the best men— with faults, of course, but generous hearted and honorable, and every man in the regiment had the most perfect confidence in his skill as a surgeon.

— Writs of habeas corpus have been issued to take some of the rioters out of custody at Camp Randall.  Gen. Elliott stands on the President’s act of suspending the habeas corpus act.  Messrs. Palmer and Ryan are to argue the case for the prisoners.  It will be rather rich to see them advising resistance to Federal authority.  Perhaps they will call in Booth for counsel.  Well, it makes a difference whose on the bull gores.

The Polk County Press:

— S. L. Tibbetts, 4th Wis. at New Orleans, will except our thanks for New Orleans papers.

— Gen. MEIGS [Montgomery C. Meigs] is to be overhauled by the congressional smelling committee, for failing to furnish transportation to BANKS [Nathaniel P. Banks] and BURNSIDE [Ambrose E. Burnside].

— Gen. BANKS has embarked at New York.  We shall probably learn his destination from rebel sources.

— A telegram states that Gen. ROSECRANS [William S. Rosecrans] drove the rebels out of Abbeville, Mississippi, on Monday, and was moving towards Grenada.  Abbeville is about ten miles south of Holly Springs.

— We received a call from our good natured friend V.M. BABCOCK, ESQ., of Alden.  Althoug [sic] friend B. is a sterling Democrat and advocates the principles of that party, we believe he is sound on the true issue, and goes in for crushing the rebellion.—Such Democracy is just such doctrine as we believe in, and smacks of the good time coining.  Mr. B. is not one of the Ben. Wood stripe, but believes in the old Jacksonion style of treating rebellion.

A SUGGESTION.— In alluding to the death of Hon. LUTHER HANCHETT, and the election of his successor, the Mauston “Star” says:

“In the exigeneis of the times, we can think of no man better qualified to fill the place than Walter D. McIndoe, of Marathon.  He is an old resident of the State, a good businessman, industrious and persevering, well posted, in State and National affairs, and above all, he is personally and intimately identified with every interest of this District.  We suggest his name as one worthy to be chosen to fill the vacancy in our congressional delegation.”

NEW COUNTY.—The following Petition is being signed in Burnett County:

To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of Wisconsin:

The undersigned citizens of the Territory designated as Burnett County in the State of Wisconsin, respectfully petition your honorable body to pass an Act creating and erecting out of said Territory the County of Burnett, with all the rights and privileges of other Counties in this State.

COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT.—Judge BARRON¹ has resigned the office of County Superintendent of Schools for Polk County.  The appointment of his successor for the remainder of the term will be made by State Superintendent PICKARD.²

—The frigate Vanderbilt has returned from her search for the Alabama, having steamed 4,000 miles, coursing from Grand Banks to the southward of the Bermudas.  She spoke one vessel that saw her in lat. 87 50, long. 70 15.

—Gen. STARKWEATHER [John C. Starkweather] has been placed, by the Governor, in command of he military forces in the State of Wisconsin.

—Com. Porter [William D. Porter] promises the opening of the Mississippi as a Christmas present to the United States.  If he keeps his promise he will be a Santa Clause worth talking about.

1.  Henry Danforth Barron (1833-1882). From the Dictionary of Wisconsin History: “Upon an offer from Caleb Cushing, he moved to St. Croix Falls in 1861 to become an agent for the St. Croix Falls Manufacturing and Improvement Co. He became a Republican shortly after the outbreak of the Civil War and served in the Wisconsin assembly (1863-1864, 1866-1869, 1872-1873; speaker in 1866, 1873). From 1869 to 1871 he was a U.S. Treasury auditor. Barron served in the state senate (1874-1876), where his activities favored the development of lumber companies and railroads, and where he supported legislation for ‘homesteaders.’ By act of the legislature in 1869 the name of Dallas County was changed to Barron County in his honor.”
2.  Josiah Little Pickard (1824-1914).  From the Dictionary of Wisconsin History: “In 1859 he was elected state superintendent of public instruction, serving in this capacity from Jan., 1860, until his resignation in Sept., 1864. During his administration, Pickard promoted the raising of teacher standards and requirements, and played an important role in unifying the state’s educational program. He secured passage of a bill (1861) establishing the county superintendent system of state school administration, and, in an effort to raise the state’s educational standards, utilized the Wisconsin Journal of Education (old series) as a medium of communication with local school districts. Pickard was president of the University of Wisconsin board of regents (1862-1865).”

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