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1862 December 24: The Week’s Small Articles

December 30, 2012

Following are the small articles from The Prescott Journal of December 24, 1862.  There is only one page extant of The Polk County Press for the last week in December 1862, but it does not have local news or small articles on it.

— The official report of the battle of Fredricksburg [sic] almost 1,400 killed, 8,000 wounded and 800 prisoners.  A Richmond dispatch estimates the rebel loss at 2,500.

— Late news shows that there is to be no changing in the Cabinet.

— We are indebted to W. H. WINCHESTER¹ of the 4th regiment, for New Orleans papers, also to Mrs. Goss of this city, for the same.

— Rev. A. B. GREEN, Chaplain of the 30th in a recent letter says ; “I saw at dinner Provost Marshall McINDOE.  He is a fine, live, honest man.  They say he is for war or rebel submission.”

— L. E. TEALE² of this city was killed in the late battle in Arkansas.

— THE SOLDIERS.—The Green Bay Advocate says :  “We have alluded to the fine appearance of Co. A, 30th Reg., Capt. Harriman [Samuel Harriman].  They have been here now two or three weeks, and we can speak with as much certainty of their conduct as their appearance physically.  We do not believe that a better company of men has been enlisted in the State.  They are quiet, temperate, regular and interested attendants upon march services, and are really an honor to the locality from which they came.  The citizens of this city and Fort Howard will dislike to part with them when the time comes for them to go.

BROWN CO. DRAFTED MEN.—Sheriff “Whitney returned from Milwaukee (Camp Washburn) on Tuesday evening, where he had been to escort the drafted men from this Co.  He informs us that the men from Brown Co. were generally complimented as the best drilled and best behaved drafted men that had yet gone into Camp.

As Serg’t Merton Herrick and Corp. R. S. Andrews³ were untiring in their efforts to instruct these men in their drill, of course a large share of the credit is due these efficient officers.—Green Bay Advocate.

1.  William H. Winchester, from River Falls. On August 22, 1863, Winchester will be appointed the Chief Bugler for the Regiment.
2.  Lindsey E. Teal, without the final “e,” was from Saint Croix Falls, both things according to the official roster of Company A, 20th Wisconsin Infantry. He was killed in action on December 7, 1862, at Prairie Grove, Arkansas.
3.  Merton Herrick, from Hammond, was a sergeant in Company A of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry at this time. He will be promoted to 1st sergeant, and in February 1865 to 2nd lieutenant of Co. K, 48th Wisconsin Infantry.
Reuben S. Andrews, from Trimbelle, was a corporal at this time. He will be promoted to sergeant, and in February 1865 to 2nd lieutenant of Company G, 50th Wisconsin Infantry.

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