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1863 January 1: May “your pigs and chickens grow fat, your children fatter”

January 1, 2013

Various New Year pieces from The Polk County Press.

— We understand there is to be a Ball at the Sawyer House, in Stillwater, on New Years Eve.  The fact that our friend Whitcher is getting up the party is recommendation enough.  We hope to be able to attend.—Sam Fifield in the December 20, 1862, Polk County Press.

Happy New Year.

The POLK COUNTY PRESS, wishes all its readers that felicitous state of existence set forth in the heading to this article.  May prosperity attend your undertakings—health reign upon your borders—your pigs and chickens grow fat, your children fatter ;  above all may your consciences be easy.  To insure this desirable state, one thing is neccessary [sic] to wit: pay for your paper !  Stir up your neighbor next door to take it, and PAY FOR IT !  Thus shall you be happy, and go to bed on the first night of a new year, with a devout heart, thanking God that you live in a Christian land !

Oh !  the joys, and sorrows, which ’63 has in store for each of us.  How wise a provision of Providence, that the future is veiled from our sight !

Let us endeavor to rely upon that Providence, taking good heed to be at peace with mankind, and in order successfully to accomplish this SUPPORT YOUR COUNTY PAPER !—The Polk County Press., December 27, 1862.

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