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1863 January 3: The Week’s Small Articles

January 5, 2013

The smaller news articles from the January 3, 1863, issue of The Polk County Press.  The Prescott Journal did not publish the week between Christmas and New Year’s, which was typical based on previous years, but we also see another reason in the first news note—the marriage of the Journal’s editor, Lute Taylor.

MARRIED.—By Rev. Mr. Keely at river [sic] Falls at the residence of Hon. C. B. Cox, in River Falls, Wis. December 15th 1862, LUTE A. TAYLOR, Editor of the Prescott Journal, and Miss. ABBY L. UNDERWOOD, of River Falls.

We congratulate you friend Lute, upon the happy termination of your bachelor days.  We trust you will make as good a family man, as you do a family paper.

— It is reported that Gen. Banks [Nathaniel P. Banks] has landed at New Orleans, and superceded [sic] Gen. Butler [Benjamin F. Butler].

ELECTION.—The election in this county passed off very quietly.  But a small vote was polled.  The result in this village is a Democratic majority of one.  But forty-one votes were cast, it being less than one-half the number thrown at the recent fall election.  We have not received the returns from the several towns ;  but enough to show that the county has gone Republican by a small majority.

ARMY VOTE.—The following is the Soldiers vote as received from the Secretary of State.

For Member of Assembly,–district comprising Polk, Dallas, Burnett, Douglas, La Point, and Ashland counties,–HENRY D BARRON received 21 votes.

For Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Polk county, C. H. Staples received 18, W. J. Vincent 2, W. Blanding 2.

For District Attorney, Polk county, Isaac Freeland received 18, James T. Cragin 2, Jo. January 2.

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