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1863 January 7 and 10: The Small Articles for this Week

January 13, 2013

Following are the smaller articles from The Prescott Journal of January 7, 1863, and from The Polk County Press of January 10, 1863.

From The Prescott Journal:


The election returns already received indicate the election of McINDOE [Walter D. McIndoe] for both the long and short terms. We have not the full vote from this county, but the republican majority will be from 125 to 150.  We give the returns as far as received for the long term.

Pierce County, McIndoe’s majority 125
St. Croix 75
Trempeleau  “ 250
Jackson  “ 175
Clark  “ 50
Vernon  “ 300
Marathon  “ 320
Juneau  “ 175
Portage  “ 200
Wood County, Benton’s majority 19
La Crosse  “ 40
Buffalo  “ 82

It is probably that McINDOE’s majority in the 6th district will be over two thousand.

The Soldiers’ Vote.

We give the vote of the Soldiers, as canvassed last week.

ASSEMBLY.—Co A 12th, Cox 19, T Conolly 3, W B Mapes 8 ;  Co A 20th, Cox 19 ;  Co A 30th, Cox 54, McGregor 1 ;  Co K 30th, Cox 8

SHERIFF.—Co A 12th, Puelt 2, Sands 25 ;  Co A 30th, Sands 10 ;  Co K 30th, Hayerdahl 4.

REGISTER.—Co A 12, Hayerdahl 24 ;  Co A 30th, Hayerdahl 18 ;  Co K 30th, Hayerdahl 4.

TREASURER.—Co A 12th, S W Dickinson, 2, Gibson 17 ;  Co A 30th, Powell 17 ;  Co K 30, Powell 4.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY—Co A 12th, Young 23 ;  Co A 30th, Young 13, Jay 3 ;  Co K 30th, Young 1, Jay 3.

CLERK OF BOARD—Co A 12th, Winn 23 ;  Co A 30th, Winn 17 ;  Co K 30th, Winn 4.

CLERK OF COURT—Co A 12th, Winn 28 ;  Co A 30th, Winn 18 ;  Co K 30th, Winn 4.

SURVEYOR—Co A 12th, Brown 24, Short 2 ;  Co A 30th, Brown 18 ;  Co K 30th, Brown 4.

CORONER—Co A 12th, Smith 3, Barnard 14, Newell 1 ;  Co A 30th, Smith 18 ;  Co K 30th, Smith 4.

The return from Co H 6th, and Co D 30th were rejected by the State Canvassers.

Finger“File Right,” speaking of the return of the “Babes” from Green Bay, says:

“They have won imperishable laurels under Capt. Harriman [Samuel Harriman]. The jolly Capt. didn’t climb quite up “where Moses stood,” but he occupied Fort Howard and wrote his ration returns on the very table where the traitor Twiggs [David Twiggs] figured up his clothing account for Co. X. regulars sometime from the year “36 30 to “54:40 or fight.”  He (the Captain, not Twiggs, tr.,) slept in the room where Mrs. Geo B. McClellan¹ was born, an honor in which the balance of the 30th take just pride.”

FingerA. Morse has been appointed Deputy Provost Marshall for this county.  It isn’t likely there will be any business in that line.

FingerGeneral Butler [Benjamin F. Butler] has issued a proclamation in which he says he leaves New Orleans with the proud consciousness of carrying with him the blessings of the humble and loyal under the cottage roof, and in the cabin of the slave; quite contented to incur the sneers of the saloon and the curses of the rich.

He concludes by saying:

“Months of experience and observation have forced the conviction that the existence of slavery is incompatible with safety of yourselves, or of the union.”

FingerOur Kentucky men don’t like the guerrillas at all ;  but our horses are quite carried away by them—Louisville Journal.

Finger1st Lieut. Chas. E. Darling of Co. D has resigned, and 2nd Lieut, Lewis O. Marshall, of Pierce County, promoted to the vacancy.  Orderly Sergeant Robinson of Hudson is appointed 2nd Lieut.

FingerQuartermaster Starr [Sidney Starr] is at home on a visit, and will probably give you a call before returning to camp.

FingerCol. Dill [Daniel J. Dill] has been confined to this quarters for some time, in consequence of a sever injury to his foot, received at a fire which destroyed a portion of the barracks a few weeks since.

From The Polk County Press:

A GOOD IDEA.—Gov. Morton [Oliver P. Morton] of Indiana urges the Government to mount fifty regiments of infantry with muskets or rifles and bayonets,—to use the horses for marching only—discarding sabres, and to fight on foot as infantry, after the same manner with Morgan’s men [John Hunt Morgan].  He insists that this is the only way to clear the country of roving rebel bands.

— Stuarts cavalry recently made a dash into the rear of Gen. Burnside’s [Ambrose E. Burnside] army, capturing a four gun battery, and part of the 22d Pennsylvania cavalry.  They also captured several Sutler’s wagons, and thirty wagons loaded with regimental property.  They then made good their escape.

— Gen. Corcoran [Michael Corcoran] has arrived at Suffolk and assumed command in that department.  So says the correspondent of the Baltimore American.

— The Cumberland river is reported as having raised so that boats of light draft can run up to Nashville.  This will relieve ROSECRAN’s army [William S. Rosecrans] which was threatened with short rations, on account of the destruction of bridges, by the rebel Morgan, on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad.

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 3.—The President’s Emancipation Proclamation was published this evening.  Although fully expected, it nevertheless created the most profound sensation.  One hundred guns were fired in commemoration of the event.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 4.—The steamer State of Georgia reports that the famous iron clad Monitor foundered at sear on Tuesday night last, off Cape Hatteras.  Two officers and thirty eight men were lost.

GEN. BAYARD.—Gen. Geo D. Bayard who was killed at Fredericksburg was a New Yorker, and a graduate of West Point, in 1856.  He was a cavalry officer of high merit, and was recently made Brigadier General of Volunteers, commanding cavalry.  He was a dashing officer, and has often signalized himself notably during the war.  He was to be married on the 18th of this month to a daughter of Colonel Bowman, of West Point.

From Madison

John Miller² a man who had enlisted as a substitute in the 27th Wisconsin Regiment, was arrested recently for forging a pass and mustering papers, and attempting to draw money from a bank on the latter.  He will probably be treated as a deserter.

Brigadier General Elliot [sic: Washington Lafayette Elliott] has issue an order forbidding officers from issuing any more furloughs.  Soldiers accepting furloughs are to be treated as deserters and to forfeit pay.


BY THE BRITISH PIRATE ALABAMA.—The Ariel was captured near the east end of Cuba.  The only plunder secured by the Alabama was $8,000 in green backs, belonging to Wells, Fargo & Co.  The Alabama was last coaled at Martinique.  When leaving that port the U.S. war steamer San Jacinto aimed a gun at her, and simultaneously the Fort in the harbor trained her guns on the San Jacinto.  This is the statement of Semmes’ lieutenant.³

The Alabama claims a speed, under twenty-five pounds of steam, of sixteen knots an hour.  She was overtaking the Ariel with only eleven pounds of steam.  She fired two guns, when the latter hove to.

Semmes first intended burning the Ariel and putting the passengers ashore at a little settlement of huts on San Domingo, but Captain Jones protested, claiming that half the passengers would die in consequence.  Semmes then proposed to land them at Kingston, but after much parleying an arrangement was effected to release the steamer on bonds payable thirty days after the acknowledgement of the independence of the Southern Confederacy.

1.  Mary Ellen Marcy (1836–1915), the daughter of his former commander.
2.  John Miller, from Milwaukee, was in Company K of the 27th Wisconsin Infantry. He was still under arrest when the regiment mustered out in 1865.
3.  Raphael Semmes (1809-1877), from a naval family, was an officer in the U. S. Navy from 1826-1860 and the Confederate States Navy from 1860-1865. During the Civil War he was captain of the famous raider CSS Alabama, which took a record sixty-five prizes.

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