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1863 January 21 and 24: Wisconsin Has Provided 44,000 Soldiers for the War

January 27, 2013

Following are the smaller articles from our two newspapers, The Prescott Journal of January 21, 1863, and The Polk County Press of January 24, 1863.

From The Prescott Journal:

The Message of Gov. Salomon expresses an earnest and unconditional loyalty to the Union and the Constitution.  He states that the total number of soldiers furnished by Wisconsin for the Union Army is 44,000.—The deaths, discharges and desertions from this number amount to 7,875.  Out of 4,455 men drafted for military service, only 1,285 are in the service.

— The third Sunday in January has been designated as a day when the clergymen of the Northwest without respect of sect, shall be invited to press the claims of our sick and wounded soldiers upon their parishes from their pulpits, and take up collections for the sanitary commission.

— Among the recent decision of the Supreme Court is one pronouncing the set of 1861 suspending all civil process so far as those who enlist in the volunteer service is concerned unconstitutional and void.

— On the first of January the new Homestead Law took effect.  For $15 a man can secure 160 acres of government land by this act.

From The Polk County Press:

— We are compelled to go to press without any news from Madison, as by our last mail we did not receive a single exchange from south of Prescott, and the latest St. Paul paper we were able to get this week was the Pioneer of the 10th.  Our war news by that date is good, as the victory at Arkansas Post is confirmed, and the loss on our side is considerable less than was at first reported.  We was in hopes to have laid before our readers a synopsis of the Governor’s Message, but are obliged to put it off another week.

— The HUDSON GUARDS did not accompany their Regiment in the recent expedition to Vicksburg, but still remain near New Orleans, acting as artillerymen, they having charge of a nine gun battery at one of the forts.  [Company G of the 4th Wisconsin Infantry, Jerry Flint’s and Frank Harding’s company.]

— Capt. EDWARD FOLSOM, Sergt. ORIN RICHARDSON and Corporals TANG and COLBY  are at Taylor Falls this week, making their friends a visit.  They return to their companies in a few days.

— S. A. CLEWELL has purchased the interest of S. S. STARR, in the “Hudson Star” and assumed his position as editor.  Success to him.

— We understand that Lieut. OSCAR CLARK¹ is at Camp Chase, Ohio, awaiting exchange.

— David Chambers² of this city, a member of Co. A, 30th Regiment, died at Camp Randall last Friday.—His family and friends here, will receive the sympathy of the entire community.—Ib.

— It is reported that Gen. Butler [Benjamin F. Butler] will shortly be set to work, enforcing the President’s proclamation in one of the most thickly populated slave districts in the United States.

— Artemus Ward³ is getting up a volunteer company of nine months women in Baldinsville.

— The rebel Congress has declared that persons largely interested in the negro property shall be exempt from military service, and that non-slave holders shall fight their battles for them.  We wonder whether the “poor white trash” will co-operate in the carrying out of the aristocratic programme?—Louisville Journal.


A special dispatch to the Sunday “Mercury” says the Army of the Potomac is in motion, and a battle is probably pending.  The crossing of the Rappahannock was doubtless effected at Richard’s Ford.

The special adds, from news received at the War Department, it is now deemed certain that Gen. Burnside is by this time across the river, and the rebels are skedaddling inland.

All the army officers have left for the battle field.

Indian Treaties and Trusts

 Congress is acting promptly in reference to Indians.  The House resumed consideration of the bill to annul all treaties with certain Sioux Indians in Minnesota, and to relieve sufferes [sic] by late outrages.  It appropriates one million and a half out of and thus extinguishes the trust fund of these Indians.  Commissioners will hear complaints; &c.  A reserve of 100 acres to be set apart for each Indian who exerted himself to stay the massacre also to receive $50 each.  Bill passed, 77 against 17.

INDIANS.—Yesterday our City was graced with the presence of two genuine Chiefs, of the Chippewas, from Chippewa Falls, Ahmosse and Aw-kee-wan zee, enroute for Washington, via St. Paul.  We understand that they go to Washington to remonstrate with the great Chief, Lincoln, against the removal of their tribe.—Ib.

Rejoicing at Wheeling at the Admission of West Virgina.

 The news that the President had signed the bill creating the State of West Virgina was received at Wheeling on New Year’s day and caused general enthusiasm.  The bells rung, cannon fired, and dispatches sent into all the towns accessible by telegraph.  The Wheeling Intelligencer says that “the President has doubly endeared himself to the people of West Virgina by this act of his, which frees them from the bonds of their ancient oppressors, and brings to them at last the realization of their long agone dreams and the deferred hopes of two generations.

1.  Oscar A. Clark, junior 2nd lieutenant with the 10th Battery of Wisconsin Light Artillery.
2.  David S. Chambers, from Hudson, died January 9, 1863, of disease. He had been a wagoner with Company A of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry. This announcement was obviously taken from a Hudson newspaper.
3.  Artemus Ward was the pen name of Charles Farrar Browne (1834-1867), a humor writer. He was President Lincoln’s favorite humorist. Baldinsville was his fictional town in Connecticut. You can read “The War Fever in Baldinsville” article on the Civil War Talk website.

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