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1863 January 28: Death of Sergeant George Martin

January 30, 2013

The following obituary of a River Falls soldier appeared in the January 28, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal.

O B I T U A R Y.

Died, in Camp Randall, on the 15th inst,¹ of Pneumonia, Sergeant GEORGE MARTIN, of Co. A, 30th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers aged 42 years.

Sergeant Martin was a native of Chatham, England, but though of foreign birth, he so loved our republican institutions that he freely offered up his life, a sacrifice upon the altar of his adopted country.

His fellow soldiers deeply lament the loss of a noble and generous comrade.

Camp Randall Jan 18, 1863.

[Mr. MARTIN is well known in the town of River Falls.  A sailor by profession, he had all the kindness of heart, the manly and generous traits of character which make the sailor a favorite.  Having peculiar views of many things, he was still a thoughtful, earnest man with a strong sense of justice and right.  One of the very best attendants in sickness, his loss will be deeply felt.—ED. JOUR.]

1.  A good time to remind readers of the two Latin abbreviations we frequently see: inst., which is the abbreviation for the Latin instant or this month/the same month, and ult., which is the abbreviation for the Latin ultimo or last moth/the preceding month.

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