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1863 February 11: The Necessity of National Unity

February 11, 2013

An editorial from the February 11, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal.


It seems to us that the one great idea which editors, speakers, and all public teachers should impress upon the minds of the people is, THE NECESSITY OF NATIONAL UNITY.  Men talk flippantly of the idea of re-organizing the Government, leaving out this and that section—of the splendid future of the West, if, freed from Eastern monoply [sic].

 All such ideas are delusive, and their influence hurtful to the common interest.  In UNION alone lies the possibility of continued greatness and increasing properity.  United, within the space of the life of one man, we have grown from a few sparsely settled colonies, to the first rank of nations—an unexampled prosperity.

And now let the National Unity be maintained, and the disturbing cause removed, and what a magnificent future opens wide and vast before us !  The permanance [sic] of Free Institutions assured—the Government proved by the terrible test of Gigantic Rebellion, and found to be self-sustaining—Peace made permanent, and the vast energies of the nation turned again into their customary channels—the unlimited resources of the country developed ;  and undreamed-of glory, and prosperity, and strength awaits us.

But let one separation be made, and all history teaches that the work of disintegration will go on until the Great Republic will be portioned out by ambitious men, and nothing left but embittered provinces, without strength at home or respect abroad, and the shining flag, respected in all lands, and on all seas—the symbol of a great and free people—will be torn into wretched shreds, which inspire no terror, command no respect, symbolize no idea.

With such a state of things there could be no security, nothing but constant tumult and war.  It is worth all it will cost to ward off such fearful calamity.

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