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1863 February 18 and 21: Soldiers Aid Societies in Prescott and Osceola

February 24, 2013

The following smaller articles are from The Prescott Journal of February 18, 1863, and The Polk County Press of February 21, 1863.  The Press is published in Osceola, Wisconsin.

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger copy Lt. A. L. COX, Co. A. 30th, has been enjoying the measles, but has recovered.¹

Finger copy Sergeant BROWN, of Maiden Rock, member of the 20th is home on recruiting service.²

Finger copy ALONZO GOSS, who has been with Col. Dill, returned home last Saturday.  He reports the 30th in good condition.³

Mr. WILLIAM RILEY, aged 33 years, member of the 20th Wisconsin Regiment, fell in the service of his country, at the battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, December 8th, 1865 [sic].  On she [sic] 20th of November, eighteen days previous to his death, he wrote to his wife, expressing strong determination to live a Christian, and an assurance that the Lord had pardoned his sins, since he entered service of his country ;  thus leaving his widow and friends a hope that he has received a victor’s crown in a happier land.  His funeral sermon was preached at Maiden Rock, on Sunday the 25th of last month.4          CHAS. DANA.
Rush River, Feb. 10, 1863.

From The Polk County Press:

THE LADIES—GOD BLESS THEM,—Are trying to revive the Soldiers’ Aid Society in this place, to its former usefulness.  They have organized a course of lectures, and as the first announcement, Mr. Edwards will deliver a Lecture next Monday evening.  The admittance is only 10 cents, and in view of the purpose to which it will be appropriated, it would not be dear at ten times ten cents.  Turn out, and give the Society (and the Soldiers) a “benefit” worth having.—Ib.

— The “Prescott Journal” says that the Festival of the Soldiers Aid Society recently held there received $60,00 [$60.00].  Good for Prescott.  She has always been foremost in furnishing men and money, to aid in putting down this most dammable [sic] rebellion.

— The subscription received by C. H. STAPLES, for the Chicago Sanitary Commission, from the people of this village and neighboring towns, already amounts to about $50,00 [$50.00].  This is doing well.  The sum will probably reach a higher figure before it is forwarded.  All wishing to give to the aid of our sick and wounded soldiers can leave their donations with MR. STAPLES.

Prospect of an Indian War.

The Sioux City “Register” of the 24th inst., says it has reliable information that a general Indian war is in contemplation on the opening of spring.  The intelligence comes directly from Fort Pierre and the different Indian rendezvous on the Red River of the North, Platte, and Upper Missouri.  Persons more or less connected with the Indians, and whose opportunities for knowing are unquestioned, concur in the representation that preparations for a combined movement of all the principal tribes are being made on an extensive scale.  The “Register” thinks the danger imminent, and recommends that speedy and vigorous measures be taken for defense.

1.  Arthur L. Cox, from River Falls, is currently the 1st lieutenant of Company A, 30th Wisconsin Infantry.
2.  Joshua D. Brown, from Maiden Rock, was a sergeant in Company A of the 20th Wisconsin Infantry.
3.  Alonzo Goss was not a soldier.
4.  The Battle of Prairie Grove took place on December 7, 1862. The Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers for Company A of the 20th Wisconsin Infantry states that William Riley, from Maiden Rock, was “killed in action, Dec. 7, ’62, Prairie Grove, Ark.”

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