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1863 February 28: The Week’s Smaller Articles from the Polk County Press

March 3, 2013

This week we only have the small articles from The Polk County Press of February 28, 1863.

— Capt. M. M. SAMUEL [Maurice M. Samuel] of St. Croix Falls, has been appointed Brigade Commissary, of the 3d Brigade, 1st Division, army of the Cumberland.

Capt. S. has been a brave and faithful soldier since he entered the army, and we believe he will fill his new station with honor to himself, and benefit the service.

— The lecture of Prof. E. E. EDWARDS, before the Osceola Lyceum, on Friday evening the 20th inst., was well received and was certainly a splendid effort.  The lecture was all that was expected, and was appreciated by those who had the pleasure of listening to it.  Owing to a bad cold, Prof. did not deliver it in his usual good style, but well enough to please all.  Prof. showed that there was, after all, some “Poetry in the War.”

The receipts at the door amounted to $8,25, $3,25 of which goes to the Sanitary Commission.

— Gen. Foster [John G. Foster] has organized in North Carolina a black pioneer corps to accompany each brigade.  Those who have served with them, say they are fearless and do their work in the advance with efficiency.

— Gen. Grant [Ulysses S. Grant] has issued an order from his headquarters, requiring all the bars on all the boats in the Government service in his department to be closed, and no spirituous, vineous¹ or malt liquors will be allowed to be sold on the boats or in the camps.—Card playing and gaming is also strictly prohibited.

— The President last Monday told Gen. Fremont [John C. Frémont] that he should speedily have an important command.  It is announced that he has already been assigned to duty, but his designation has not yet transpired.

1.  A variation on vinous.

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