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1863 March 28: News of Local Area Soldiers

March 31, 2013

Following are the small news items from the March 28, 1863, issue of The Polk County Press.


ALLEN—At Lake Providence Hospital, La. LIEUT JOSEPH ALLEN,¹ 1st Minnesota Battery, aged 23 years.

LIEUT. ALLEN  was a brave, intelligent, and faithful soldier, and went to battle for freedom, and the glory of his country.  He went as private soldier, and for gallant conduct at the battle of Corinth was promoted on the field a 2d Lieut.  At that fierce engagement he was severely wounded in the shoulder by a piece of shell from which he recovered.  He was taken with Chronic Diarrhea, with which after a long and severe illness, terminated in his death on the 27th of February.  He sleeps sweetly in his soldier grave among strangers—and in a strange land May his soul live in Heaven!

— From a letter received from WILLIAM PECK,² 30th Regiment, now at Madison, we learn that our boys were all doing finely.  He says there is considerable sickness in the regiment and that the hospital was  fast filling up.  The prevailing dsieases [sic] is Mumps, Measles, and Diptheria [sic].

LAIDES [sic] UNION LEAGUE.—The Ladies of Madison desiring to express in a suitable manner, their heartfelt interest in the preservation of the Union and Government, have organized a “Ladies’  Union League” in that city, and invite all loyal women of the State to operate with them by the formation of similar associations.

— A letter from ROBERT DOWNEND,³ 2d Wisconsin cavalry, written at Rolla, Mo., stated that our old friend FRANK KEEP,4 (whom report said was dead and buried,) is well and with his company.  Also that our correspondent, MICHAEL KREINER,5 has been discharged and is now on his way home.  MR. KREINER has been sick for sometime, and returns with broken health unfit to serve longer.

— A Union Club has been formed in Prescott.

— In our list of Volunteers which we published some weeks ago, we omitted the name of CHARLES FENLASON,6 who went from Farmington.  He is with the company near New Orleans.  We also made out that EDWARD WALENDOLF [sic]7 had been discharged.  This was a mistake of ours.  He is still with his company, at Murfresboro, Tenn. and Capt. SAMUEL [Maurice M. Samuels] writes, “has been promoted to a sergeant, and will win the shoulder straps before the end of the war.”—He has been a faithful soldier and is worthy the name of a Polk county volunteer.

— If you want to vote for a man who thinks the Union can and will be saved, that believes that the north is right and that the South is wrong—that knows that to sympathize, “aid and comfort,” and resist, the authority of the United States Government is treason—then vote for that uncompromising Union Candidate LUTHER S. DIXON, at the coming election for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

— By a recent act of Congress, the bounty of $100 originally offered only to volunteers who served at least two years, is to be paid to all volunteers, however brief their service provided only their discharge is regular.

1.  Joseph M. Allen was from Taylors Falls, Minnesota.
2.  William S. Peck, from Saint Croix Falls, was in Company D of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry.
3.  Robert Downend was a coporal in Company D of the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry.
4.  Frank Keep, from Hudson, was a corporal and then quartermaster sergeant in Company D, 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry.
5.  Michael Kreiner, from Osceola, was in Company D of the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry. He died March 25, 1863, of a “disability.”
6.  Charles W. Fenlason, from Farmington, was in Company G of the 4th Wisconsin Infantry (the Hudson City Guards).
7.  Edward Warendorph, from Saint Croix Falls, was in Company F of the 1st Wisconsin Infantry.

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