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1863 April 4: Small Items of War News

April 6, 2013

The latest war news from The Polk County Press of April 4, 1863.


CINCINNATI, March 26.—General Burnside [Ambrose E. Burnside] has issued an order assuming command of the Department of the Ohio.  The order gives general satisfaction.

Indiana is made a separate military district under command of Gen. Carrington [Henry B. Carrington], who reports to Burnside.

Ther [sic] was a considerable skirmishing between our cavalry and their forces south of the Kentucky river yesterday.  The rebels advance was estimated at 25,000 to 30,000.

Our troops were concentrating rapidly, and confidence was felt in our ability to repel the rebels.

The Commercial’s dispatch from Memphis states that if Farragut’s [David G. Farragut] vessel recaptured the Indianola without resistance.

Queen of the West is up Black River, out of reach.  The Jackson Appeal of the 18th says Banks  [Nathaniel P. Banks] failed to make a land attack, and Farragut went in alone, and passed the rebel batteries at night under a terrific cannonade.

Thirty of the Mississippi’s officers and crew were captured.

It is rumored that Haine’s Bluff [sic: Hayne’s Bluff, in Mississippi] had been flanked by the water route.

NEW YORK, March 26,—The Ariel arrived from Aspinwall the 16th with $159,561.

Washington specials state that the rebel sympathisers say that the rebel leaders are preparing to concentrate their whole available force near Chattanooga, where they will “die in the last ditch.”

It is stated the rebels are feeling the outer lines of the army of the Potomac, indicating an attack upon our army.

Scouts report the rebels moving infantry in the direction of Culpepper [sic: Culpeper, in Virginia].

President [Abraham Lincoln] has decided to make the first draft from States deficient in their quotas.

General Butler [Benjamin F. Butler] will soon have a command.

Advices from Havana of the 18th, and Vera Cruz 4th, are received.—Puebla had not been attacked,  nor did the French advance appear rapid.

CONCORD, N. H., March 26.—Official vote for member of Congress first district, won’t be declared until May.  It is believed Marcy¹ is elected by 50 to 75 majority.

1.  Daniel Marcy (1809-1893) was a United States Representative from New Hampshire from March  1863 to March 1865.

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