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1863 January 24: Citizens’ Reporter on the Battle of Stones River

April 8, 2013

One item in our back-log is a River Falls newspaper called the Citizens’ Reporter.  Only a handful of issues are still in existence.  The UWRF Archives has a single issue in hard-copy; Volume 1, Number 5 from January 24, 1863.  The proprietor (publisher and editor) was A. C. Morton.  Here is one article, plus some tidbits of news.

The battle that William S. Rosecrans is being congratulated on winning is the Battle of Stones River, which was fought on December 31, 1862, through January 2, 1863.  Rosecrans’ Army of the Cumberland took on Confederate General Braxton Bragg’s Army of Tennessee at Murfreesboro.

Citizens' Reporter001


The President and Halleck Congratulate Rosecrans.

Nashville, Jan. 7, 1863.

President Lincoln [Abraham Lincoln] congratulates
the General commanding as follows:

Washington, Jan. 5, 1863.

To Maj. Gen. Rosecrans:

Your dispatch announcing the retreat of the enemy, has just reached here.  God bless you and all with you.  Please tender to all, and accept for yourself, the nation’s gratitude for your and their skill, endurance and dauntless courage.


Secretary Stanton [Edwin M. Stanton] also congratulates the General and the army.

Henry Vinbell, negro, of Charleston, S. C., slave of Col. Walters, of Bragg’s staff, received his emancipation papers from Gen. Rosecrans tonight, under the President’s proclamation.

Major C. Goddard, senior aid, for gallantry and efficient service, is recommended by the General for promotion as Adjutant General, with the rank of Lieut. Colonel.  Capt. St. Clair Morton, Chief Engineer, for splendid conduct and services, is recommended for a Brigadier General.

Washington, Jan. 8, 1863.
General Halleck [William H. Halleck] has dispatched
the following to Gen. Rosecrans:

Headquarters Army, }
Washington, Jan. 9, 1863. }

To Major General W. S. Rosecrans, commanding Army of the Cumberland:

General:  Rebel accounts fully confirm your telegrams from the battle field.

The victory was well earned and is one of the most brilliant of the war.

You and your brave army have won the gratitude of your country and the admiration of the world.—The field of Murfreesboro is made historical, and future generations will point to where so many heroes fell gloriously in defence of the Constitution and the Union.

All honor to the army of the Cumberland.  Thanks to the living, and tears for the lamented dead.

H. W. Halleck,


 Finger002 Longstreet [James Longstreet] supercedes Bragg and with an additional force of thirteen brigades, fresh from the battle field of Fredericksburg, is preparing to measure strength with Rosecrans.

— Gov. Tod [David Tod], of Ohio, in his annual message recommends the passage of a law enabling soldiers who have enlisted from that state and are citizens to vote.

Finger002 Gen. Burnside [Ambrose E. Burnside] has re-crossed the Rappahannock.

“Brick” Promeroy [Marcus Mills Pomeroy] has, as 1st Lieutenant, gone into Gorman’s staff [Willis A. Gorman].

Gen. Butler’s Opinion.
[Benjamin F. Butler]

In his Farewell address, to the people of Louisiana—speaking of the co-existence of Slavery and the Union, he says:

I came among you, by teachings, by habit of mind, by political position, by social affinity, inclined to sustain your domestic laws, if by possibility they might be with safety to the Union.

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