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1863 January 24: Wisconsin Supreme Court Decisions Wanted

April 9, 2013

More from our back-log of articles.  This one, and the small items that follow it, are from the January 24, 1863, issue of the River Falls newspaper Citizens’ Reporter.

 Citizens' Reporter masthead001



Three Large Class Iron Clads.


NEW YORK, Jan. 21.

[Special to the Tribune.]—Washington, Jan.  20.—At the request of the Secretary of War one of the Senators from Wisconsin has gone to that State for the purpose of getting the decision of its Supreme Court against the constitutionality of the draft or the right of the President to suspend the writ of habeas corpus, made up immediately and transmitted to U. S. Supreme Court, now in session here, in time for argument this term before Chief Justice Taney.

[Special to the Times.]—The House Naval Committee, at their meeting to-day, had under consideration the recommendation of the Secretary of the Navy to build three large class iron clad Men-of-War, to cost not exceeding $12,000,000 for which amount an appropriation will be inserted in the Navy appropriation bill.

NEW YORK, Jan. 21.

The time of thirty-eight regiments of N. Y. troops expire in May, June and July.  The Government is understood to be in favor of allowing them to return and then induce them to re-volunteer.  The matter is still, however, in abeyance.  In the meantime every exertion is to be made to save the State by sending enough men to the field to avoid the draft.

A Washington letter says material facts in case of Gen. Stone [Charles P. Stone]¹ will soon be published.—The evidence against him is of a circumstantial character, going to show that he was friendly toward the rebels and became their mail carrier; but after all, this may have been only a kind disposition to oblige.

Another letter says that rumors have reached here from Falmouth that Gen. John Cochrane prevented a movement designed by Gen. Burnside [Ambrose E. Burnside] a week or ten days since, by his representations, and that Gen. Franklin [William B. Franklin], in whose grand division he is, intends to have proper notice taken of such an unmilitary step, yet it may be, however, camp gossip.


Finger002  There are thirty-two regiments in two years’ volunteers from New York.  Their term of service will expire in April and May.  The nine months’ men of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania will be at liberty in the spring.

 Finger002  A recent decision of the Supreme court [of the United States] pronounces as unconstitutional the act of 1861, suspending civil process to those who enlist in the volunteer service.

Finger002  General Rosecrans [William S. Rosecrans] has established his headquarters in Murfreesboro, in the very house in which the guerrilla chief Morgan [John Hunt Morgan] was recently married by Bishop Gen. Polk [Leonidas Polk], in the presen[c]e of Jeff. Davis [Jefferson Davis].

Finger002  Gen. Butler [Benjamin F. Butler] met with a very narrow escape from death, on Saturday morning.  The car in which he was riding from New York to Boston was smashed and every seat in it broken but he was unhurt.

1.  Stone was held responsible for the Union defeat at Ball’s Bluff. He was arrested and imprisoned for almost six months, mostly for political reasons, but never received a trial.

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