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1863 April 11: Smaller News Items for the Week

April 15, 2013

Following are the smaller items from the April 11, 1863, issues of The Prescott Journal and The Polk County Post.

From The Prescott Journal:

 Finger002  The election in this city resulted in the success of the Republican ticket.  Dixon’s majority
[Luther S. Dixon] in the city is 45 ;  in the county it will probably be about 125.–We will give the full returns next week.

Hudson, usually democratic, elected the Republican municipal ticket and gave a majority for Dixon.

We do not entirely despair of Dixon’s success, but the returns indicate Cothren’s election [Montgomery M. Cothren], through the agency of the Farm Mortgagers.

From The Polk County Post:

— A telegram from Governor Pierpont, West Va., says that 700 rebels captured Point Pleasant, Va.  The town was subsequently recaptured and the rebels were driven back with a loss of 14.  Our loss 1 killed and 1 wounded.

— A captured rebel captain at Beaufort recently attempted to exemplify the efficiency of the peculiar drill of the southern army.  Assembling his fellow captives in proper form, he gave the order:  “Two ranks into four – RIGHT [_]MART GIT!”

— The St. Paul Pioneer of the 9th says that the reported capture of Charleston in all a he made out of the whole cloth by some unscrupulous person.  To bad!

— The President [Abraham Lincoln] has designated Thursday, April 30th, for a fast day.

DEATH OF GEN. SUMNER.—Major General E. V. Sumner [Edwin V. Sumner] of the United States Army, died at his residence in Syracuse, on the 21st ult., of congestion of the lungs.  He was one of the oldest and best officers in the army—always true to the flag of his country.  Since the present war broke out, he has been in constant service, holding important commands, and participating in most of the great battles fought in Virginia.  At the time of his death he was making preperations [sic] to supersede Gen. Curtis [Samuel R. Curtis], and take command of the Military Department West of the Mississippi.  A thorough disciplinarian, cool in judgement, brave in action, prudent and courteous, he was an officer who could illy be spared at this time.—State Register.

THE SOLDIERS LIKE IT.—A Washington dispatch says the soldiers of all our armies welcome the Conscription law with enthusiasm, and declare that if the necessity arises they will march to enforce it.  A Brigadier General in Rosecrans’ army [William S. Rosecrans] says that it was electrified with joy at its passage.  In Hooker’s army [Joseph Hooker], the soldiers are all talking about it, and speculating as to the means of carrying it out.

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