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1863 April 18: The Smaller News Items from the Prescott Journal

April 21, 2013

From the April 18, 1863, issues of The Prescott Journal.

From The Prescott Journal:

— A Union League has been organized at Hastings [Minnesota].

— Lt. S. L. HILLIEN, who has been on the Minnesota frontier during the winter, is in town on a short furlough.

— Capt. “SAM” HARRIMAN [Samuel Harriman], Co. A, 30th, was in town this week.  The Capt. is on special duty, and will remain in this part of the State for several weeks.

— Lt. A. L. Cox, of the 30th, has been at home for a few days.  He looks as though the hardships of war had not materially injured him.  He returns on Monday.

— A. D. ANDREWS [Abraham D. Andrews], Assist. Surgeon of the 8th Regiment, is home on a short furlough, and his presence is welcome to his many friends.  The Dr. has not been off duty for a single day since he entered the service, and has formed a pretty intimate acquaintance with “grim waged war,” having been in most of the battles in Virgina.

— Since Perry went democratic this spring, Dr. Beardsley [Joseph W. Beardsley] and D. M. Lusk [David M. Lusk] are strongly in favor of the Co. Seat remaining here.  The admonition of the old song is appropriate,

Beware ; Trust her not !
She is fooling thee !

— “Brick” Pomeroy [Marcus Mills Pomeroy] abuses Gov. Salomon [Edward Salomon] without arm, but we do not think the Governor’s “rep.” will suffer unless attacked by someone with a better reputation for truthfulness and loyalty than Brick possesses.

— Under the provisions of the new Militia Law passed by the late Legislature, independent military companies may be formed and receive State arms.  About 100 stand of arms are now here and may be retained if a company is formed, if not, they will be removed.  Shall we not form a company here?— Who will move in the matter?  We think a company can be sustained here.  Next week we shall publish the Militia Law and we trust measures may be taken at once to form a Company.

The Draft.

One dispatch says the execution of the Conscription Act will be indefinitely put off, and the old regiments filled up by voluntary enlistments; but another says the  Government is making preparations for a draft to fill them up, and will commence with New York.  The latter is the most probable.


At St. Louis, Mo. March 30,1863, Thomas Randall, aged 45 years.

The deceased was one of the pioneer settlers of River Falls, having come to the county about eight years ago.  In July last he volunteered under Lieut. York in Co. A. 20th Regiment.

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