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1863 June 6: A Militia Company Organized in Prescott

June 11, 2013

Following are the smaller items from the June 6, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Finger A Military Company was organized here on Wednesday evening last, and the following officers elected :

GEO. H. NICHOLS — Captain.
OLIVER GIBBS — 1st Lieut.
WM. R. GATES — 2nd Lieut.

It was decided that the Company be a Cavalry company.  We think it will be a success.

— General Nye said, in his Utica speech, that Vallandingham [Clement C. Vallandingham] has not gone to he-ll, but has gone to the next place to it—he has gone South.

— The statement that General Hunter [David Hunter] has been superseded is denied by good authority in Washington.

Finger  A PAPER called the Copperhead has been started in New York.  It advocates “State Rights,” “Free Speech,” the purgation of the Democratic party of all false and frivolous leaders, who would hang out the light of the wrecker to place the vessel of State upon shoals and quicksands, while the plunder runs into their coffers,” and the nomination of Clement C. Vallandingham for the Presidency by the Democracy.


Finger  In the recent fight at Port Hudson,¹ the Second Louisiana (colored) behaved most gallantly and suffered severely.  The evidence is daily increasing that the colored soldiers will become indispensable.

VICKSBURG, it is announced is to be taken by the shovel and pick-axe.  The events which we have so long wished for, and so sanguinely and soon expected, is thus necessarily postpone for weeks.

ITEMS FROM THE HUDSON STAR.—The Military Company that was going to be organized on such short notice here, is played out.  It is rather rough on Hudson to be beat by such small towns as Osceola and St. Croix Falls, both of these places having organized good companies.

— Capt. D. M. [sic] WHITE [Daniel W. White], who left Hudson as Captain of the Hudson City Guards, arrived in town last Saturday.

C A V A L R Y !   C A V A L R Y ! !
Enlist !

Washington, D. C., May 22, 1863.

All men who desire to join any particular Regiment of Cavalry now in the field, are hereby authorized to present themselves at any time within the next thirty days to the Board of Enrollment in their respective Districts.  The Board shall examine them, and determine upon their fitness for the Service, and if found to be fit, the Provost Marshall [sic] of the district shall give them transportation tickets to the general Rendezvous, at the Headquarters of the A. A. Provost Marshal General of the State.  As soon as they present themselves at this general rendezvous they shall be duly mustered by a mustering and disbursing officer, and paid by him the bounty allowed by law.

Provost Marshal General.

1.  The Siege of Port Hudson, in Louisiana, started May 22, 1863, and will go until July 9.

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