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1863 June 13: Preparations for the Draft, and Other News

June 17, 2013

From the June 13, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal come these smaller items.

Finger copy  C. P. BARNARD has been appointed Enrolling Officer for this county, and entered upon his duties.  The appointment is a good one.  Mr. Barnard will do the work thoroughly, and avoid all needless excitement and disturbances.

Finger copy  TRUMAN TUTTLE,¹ formerly of River Falls, is hospital Steward of the 26th Iowa, now before Vicksburg.

Finger copy  John L. DALE, Deputy Provost Marshal, has gone to Superior, and the Lake and northern counties, to appoint enrolling officers, furnish books and instructions necessary for the enrollment.—JOHN will need a long brad in the end of his goad-stick.

Finger copy  The Hudson Star says of JOHN DALE’s appointment as Deputy Provost Marshall [sic], “John is a hale fellow well met, and will discharge the duties of the office without fear or favor.”

Finger copy  We had occasion this week to call upon the Board of Enrollment at LaCrosse [sic].  We like their style.  Capt. Ben COOPER [Benjamin F. Cooper], Provost Marshal, is a Wisconsin river lumberman, a man of conservative principles, but radical business habits, and he will put the draft through if called on, vigorously as he would run a raft during a “fresh.”  Hon. L. S. Fisher, and Dr. D. G. CAMERON, the other members of the Board, are reliable men, who will win the respect of all and preform [sic] their duties with ability and discretion.  The enrollment is already going on in the most of the counties, and soon every thing will be in readiness for a draft, if it is ordered.

Finger copy  The war news of the past week has not been of much interest.  The siege of Vicksburg is favorably progressing.  Perfect confidence is felt in Grant’s ability [Ulysses S. Grant] to maintain his position from all rear attack, and compel a surrender of the city.  Banks [Nathaniel P. Banks] will likely soon be in possession of Port Hudson.

THE DRAFT.—We are informed officially, that the forthcoming draft will be made by towns.  County organizations will not be taken into account.  Each town will receive credit for all the men furnished and drawn on for the balance.  This is just, all communities and classes should be treated alike, each neighborhood furnishing its exact quota.  In this county [Pierce] several of the towns are behind from one up to ten.  We intend to publish the exact quota of the several towns in this county, and the number already furnished, soon.

— Capt. SAMUEL [Maurice M. Samuel] writes us from Murfreesboro, Tenn., under date of the 31st of May.  He was well, and also all the boys in the St. Croix Rifles.  He says they are continually expecting to move.  Capt. SAMUEL is getting along finely, and makes an energetic and faithful officer.  We are glad to learn of his success.

And, an advertisement, taking advantage of the interest in Vicksburg:

Vicksburg has not yet Fallen,

S U G A R S   H A V E,

Parkhurst & Wilson’s.
Prescott, June 6, 1863.

1.  Truman G. Tuttle was Hospital Steward with Company C of the 26th Iowa Infantry.

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