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1863 July 3: Battle of Gettysburg—A Victory for the Union

July 3, 2013

1863_07_03The Gettysburg Campaign ended in a three-day battle at the small Pennsylvania village of Gettysburg on July 1-2-3, 1863.  We usually publish items on the day they were originally published, but the Battle of Gettysburg and the Siege of Vicksburg were so important that they should be acknowledged on their 150th anniversaries.

Neither The Prescott Journal nor The Polk County Press for July 4, 1863, are available on microfilm, and it is unlikely that they would have had much news yet on that date anyway.  More details on the fall of Vicksburg will be posted next week when the July 11, 1863, newspapers get published.

The following headlines are from the July 11, 1863, Polk County Press; the announcement appeared in both the Press and the Journal on July 11.





WASHINGTON, July 4—10 A. M.—
   The President announces to the coun-
   try that the news from the Army of
   the Potomac to 1 P. M. of the 3d is
   such as to cover the army with the
   highest honor, and promise a great
   success to the cause of the Union,
   and to claim the condolence of all for
   the many gallant fallen ;  and that for
   this he especially desires on this day
   that He whose will, not ours, should
   ever be done, be everywhere remem-
   bered and reverenced with the pro-
   foundest gratitude.        A. LINCOLN.
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