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1863 August 22: Conscripts, Furloughs, Blockade Runners

August 28, 2013

Following are the smaller items from the August 22, 1863, issues of The Prescott Journal.

From The Prescott Journal:

News Items.

It is said the rebels are receiving immense supplies by way of Wilmington, North Carolina, in spite of the blockade.  Machinery of all kinds, locomotives, railroad iron, guns of the heaviest caliber, blankets, medicines, shoes, etc., are daily brought in as if no blockade existed.—Officers and crews are constantly leaving Wilmington for England to man the rebel privateers which are being built there for the rebel navy.

— Shortly after the draft commenced in Rochester, a man circulated in the crowd proposing to “take the chances” of any man who had not been drafted, for fifty dollars in hand.  The same individual attended the draft in Ontario County, where he operated in the same way, and came out fifty dollars ahead.

— A rural conscript appeared before an Eastern Board of Enrollment, a day or two since, and desired to be exempted forthwith that he might return to his country home.  “What are your claims!” demanded the doctor.  “I’m entirely dependent upon my mother for support,” was the innocent reply.

— At Portland last week, eighty three conscripts were examined.—Of these forty-seven were exempted for physical disability, thirteen by furnishing substitutes, and twenty-three for other causes.  it [sic] will be seen that of the eighty-three drafted the administration did not get a man.

THE WAGES OF SIN. —Four of the N. Y. draft rioters have been tried and sentenced—two for fifteen years each, one for ten years, and one for five years—to the state prison.

Finger002 Capt. Maxson’s address [Orrin T. Maxson]. On Tuesday evening, was listened to with great interest.  He gave a history of the war in the Western Department.  The Captain will return to his regiment in a few days.

Finger002 The bombardment of Fort Sumter is progressing favorably.  It is stated that the side exposed to our batteries is already breached.  She will soon be ours.

—  The highest estimate of the number of men who can be gathered into the rebel army under the sweeping conscription proposed by Jeff. Davis is 70,000.  This will hardly more than make up recent losses in that army.

Finger002 It is stated that the draft in Ohio will take place in a few days ; preparations are being perfected for it at Columbus.

STILL AT THE FRONT. —We learn that the old Iron Brigade, at last accounts, was still in front of the Army of the Potomac.  On the 8th they were on the south side of the Rappahannock, at Rappahannock Station, drawn up inline of battle to repel an apprehended attack by the rebels.  They have been in arms in that vicinity four or five times.

FURLOUGHS TO VICKSBURG PRISONERS RESCINDED. —The rebel General PEMBERTON [John C. Pemberton] has issued an order to the troops paroled at Vicksburg, to the effect that DAVIS [Jefferson Davis] regards the furloughs granted as of too great duration in the present condition of the country, and orders them to be materially shortened, and requires officers and men to report forthwith on expiration of their furloughs.

FRIEND LUTE : —I have noticed that there has been a Proclamation issued by Jeff Davis appointing Aug. 21st as a day of Fasting and Prayer, and as Fasting is not my FORTE, I intend to pray more and Fast less.  The form of praying I intend to use may be found in the fifty-fifth Psalm and fifteenth verse,¹
Trimbelle, Aug. 13th, 1863.

From The Polk County Press:

—  Jeff. Davis is very ill, and doubts are entertained of his recovery. —Gen. Lee [Robert E. Lee], it is reported, has protested against the retaliatory execution of two Federal officers, the life of his son depending upon their fate.

We hope Jeff. will die this time. —The Devil has been cheated of his victim long enough.

Major Gen. Prentiss [Benjamin M. Prentiss], for some time past Commander of Helana [sic] district, has been relieved and ordered to report at St. Louis for duty.  He is succeeded in command of the district by Brig. Gen. Salomon [Frederick Salomon].

ALL RIGHT. —Lots of Grant’s boys [Ulysses S. Grant] are coming home on short furloughs.  They have done a deal of hard and glorious work, and it is no more than right that they should have a short rest in this hot and unhealthy season when active campaigning is impossible. —Madison Journal.

—  A thousand conscripts a day are already joining the Army of the Potomac.  In a week the number reaching it daily will be greater.

1.  Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them. (King James Version of the Bible, Psalm 55, verse 15.)

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