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1863 September 5: Preparing for the Draft in Pierce County, Wisconsin

September 5, 2013

The following article on the preparations for a draft in Wisconsin is from the September 5, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal.


We learn from OLIVER GIBBS, Jr., who has just returned from Madison, that the whole number of three years volunteers who have gone from this county, exclusive of those who enlisted in other States, and also of those who enlisted here but gave their residence as being elsewhere, according to the muster rolls and recruiting registers in the office of the Adjutant General, is 394.  Our quota for all former calls is 258.  Leaving as excess to apply on draft 136.

The first, second and third calls were for 300,000 men each, making 900,000 in all.  If to fill our quotas for this number, we had to furnish only 258 men, it will be seen that our present excess will be the quota for a draft for 474,420 men.

It is understood that where a county is ahead in the aggregate, no town will be drafted; where behind, the draft will be made from the delinquent towns.

What number of men are being raised under the present draft, has not been announced, but it is probably 300,000.

The enrollment for this State has just been completed.  When the draft is to take place, nobody knows.

The proper credit for excess of volunteers for any town or county, can only be obtained, however, by forwarding the lists called for in the Governor’s recent proclamation on that subject.  These lists are not required for the purpose of showing the Government what volunteers have gone from any town, but are wanted as a guide or index by which the Government can turn to the proper place in its own records, where every man’s name and residence can be found, and thus be enabled to compile lists from the company and regimental rolls.  Without such lists, noting the company and regiment of every man claimed as a volunteer, and the names arranged in alphabetical order, the Government could not effect a settlement with towns within the present generation.

Mr. GIBBS will prepare the lists for this county and forward them to the proper department immediately after the County meeting next Thursday.

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