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1863 September 5: A Meeting Held to Ascertain the Number of Pierce County Volunteers

September 6, 2013

The following report is from a meeting of representatives from all the villages and townships in Pierce County to determine how they would come up with the correct number of volunteers that had already been sent to the war from Pierce County.  This report, from the September 5, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal, appeared next to the article on the draft that was in yesterday’s post.

Meeting to ascertain the number of Volunteers Sent from Pierce County.

Ellsworth, Aug. 29, 1863.

PAINE CONVERSE, Esq., was chosen Chairman, and LUTE A. TAYLOR, Secretary.

The towns were represented as follows:

Prescott—Paine Converse, Lute A. Taylor, A. H. Young, Oliver Gibbs, Jr.
Clifton—J. D. Otis, G .T. Gunn.
River Falls—C. B. Cox, R. J. Bell.
Martel—J. Isaacson, Ole Winger, W. Hodges.
Oak Grove—Not represented.
Trimbelle—F. Otis
Perry—W. J. Smith, Wm. Kinney, C. S. Dunbar.
El Paso—Not represented.
Diamond Bluff—J. M. Taylor, John Tomlinson.
Trenton—C. Ryan, E. F. Palmer, R. Reed
Isabel—A. E. Hodgeman, proxy.
Hartland—A. E. Hodgeman.
P. Valley— James Walsingham, A. Harris, John Bowers
Union—James Walsingham, proxy.
Salem—L. P. Davis, P. W. Caswell, G. W. Heath.

The Chairman read the call for the meeting.  Mr. L. P. Davis made remarks concerning the objects of the meeting, and on motion, the member were requested to pass in to the chair the lists of volunteers from each town.

Oliver Gibbs, Jr., made remarks concerning the proper method of furnishing the number of volunteers and the proof of their so volunteering.

On motion, the lists from the various towns were read, for the purpose of ascertaining whether any volunteers were claimed by more than one town.

On motion, it was resolved to send an agent to Madison to procure a transcript from the books in the Adjutant General’s office, of the volunteers credited to Pierce county.

On motion, Oliver Gibbs, Jr., was appointed such agent, and also made agent to secure the credit of all volunteers not now credited by the Government, and the sum of $100 was pledged in payment, divided as follows among the towns:

Prescott, $22; River Falls, $15; Clifton, $15; Trenton, $3, paid; Hartland, $5, paid; P. Valley, $5, paid; Perry, $5, paid; Trimbelle, $8; Martel, $10, paid; Union, $2; Salem, $3, paid; D. Bluff, $5, paid $2; Isabelle, $2.

On motion, adjourned till Thursday, September 10.

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