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1863 September 19: Parson Brownlow’s New Newspaper Enterprise

September 22, 2013

This article was copied from the September 11, 1863, issue of the Milwaukee Daily Sentinel and reprinted in the September 19, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal.

You may remember Brownlow—the Knoxville, Tennessee, minister, newspaper editor, and politician—from last week’s post.  Note the last sentence in this week’s article, in which Brownlow bribes other editors to publish this notice to get a free exchange (copies of his papers).


I propose to publish a Weekly and Tri-Weekly journal, bearing the above title, at Knoxville, East Tennessee ;  and the Weekly paper, made up from the contents of the Tri-Weeklies.  I propose to send out to distant subscribers, for two dollars per annum, invariably paid in advance.  Subscriptions and remittances will be forwarded to me at Cincinnati, from which point I expect to ship my paper and materials.   I expect to issue the first number in October, as it was in that month two years ago, my paper was crushed out, by the God-forsaken mob at Knoxville, called the Confederate Authorities.  I will commence with this hell-born and hell-bound Rebellion, where the Traitors forced me to leave off, and all who wish the paper would do well to begin with the first issue, as I intend that single paper shall be worth the subscription price to any Unconditional Union man !

In the rule of my Editorial conduct, I shall adjure that servility which destroys the independence of the Press, and cast from me that factious opposition which gives to party what is due to country.  And whilst the name of my Journal indicates, in unmistakeable termes [sic] its politics, I shall, as a faithful sentinel, forget Whigs, Democrats, Know Nothings, and remember nothing only my Government, and the preservation of the Federal Union—as richly worth all the sacrifices of blood and treasure their preservation may cost—even to the extermination of the present race of men, and the consumption of all the means of present age !

Publishers inserting this Prospectus, once prominent, and sending me the paper to Cincinnati, will be favored with an exchange.


September 7, 1863.

1.  The Sentinel put a dash between “Rebel” and “Ventilator,” but the actual newspaper did not.  You may see digital copies of Brownlow’s Knoxville Whig, and Rebel Ventilator—starting with volume 1, no. 1 (November 11, 1863)—on the Library of Congress website Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.  The original newspaper is in the University of Tennessee Libraries Special Collections.

From "Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers" at the Library of Congress; image provided by the University of Tennessee

From “Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers” at the Library of Congress; image provided by the University of Tennessee

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