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1863 September 26: Wisconsin’s Loyal Platform

October 1, 2013

The following resolutions from the state Union Party were published in both The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal of September 26, 1863.


Resolutions Adopted by the Union State Convention.

Resolved, That this convention cordially approves the following propositions, contained in the call under which it assembles :

That the Union be preserved in its integrity ;

That the Constitution and laws of the United States be enforced throughout the whole national domain ;

That the rebellion be suppressed, not by compromises with or concessions to traitors, but by the sword, whose agency they have themselves invoked ;

Tat the national administration should be heartily and generously supported in its efforts to put down the rebellion.

Resolved, That the dignified courteous and patriotic manner in which the Hon. Edward Salomon has discharged the duties of the office of Governor—devolved upon him by the decease of Gov. Harvey [Louis P. Harvey], at a most important period in our political history, meets our cordial approval ;

Resolved, That this convention, following the example of the Union Conventions of Ohio and other States, present to the loyal voters of Wisconsin the names of the persons this day nominated, as Union men, not as partisans, without reference to their political antecedents, and ask for them the support of all loyal men without distinction of party.

Resolved, That we deplore the partisan hostility which has been and is being awakened against the Government by interested politicians and designing demagogues of the North, believing that it can only tend, by encouraging rebels, to protract the war ;  and instead of kindling the patriotism, to arouse the animosities of our people, and to occasion elsewhere the same riotous, diabolical, and anarchical scenes, which have already disgraced the commercial metropolis of the nation.

Resolved, That the warmest thanks of the loyal people are due, and are hereby tendered to the brave and devoted soldiers who have rallied to the defence of the old flag, and nobly and persistently fought the battles of the country, and met and vanquished on so many fields the hosts of rebellion, seeking to destroy our national life, and that we pledge ourselves, before Heaven, to sustain them, by filling up their thinned ranks in the most expeditious manner, until the end of this rebellion shall come, and peace be restored to the land.

Resolved, That we admire and reverence the steadfast loyalty of the Union men of the South, which, amid so many temptations and persecutions, has kept them faithful to the old flag ;  that in their sufferings they have our profound sympathy, and that it is the duty of the Government at the earliest possible moment, to deliver them from rebel oppression.

Resolved, That we recommend to the loyal people of the several districts and counties of the State such a re-organization of the committees as will ensure a more perfect Uion organization between loyal Republicans and Democrats in political action.

Resolved, That the loyal people of Wisconsin, friendly to the maintenance of Republican institutions upon the North American continent, cannot look with indifference upon armed intervention by European powers, and the establishment of an empire upon the ruins of our sister Republic of Mexico, and that in due time, of whatever duties and responsibilities God in His providence shall cast upon the Republic of the United States, growing out of such intervention, Wisconsin will be ready to bear her full share.

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