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1863 October 3: Pierce County’s Democratic Convention and Nominees

October 5, 2013

The following article was taken from the October 3, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal

Democratic Convention.

The delegates chosen by the various Towns of Pierce County, met pursuant to call, at the court house at Ellsworth, on the 30th of Sept. 1863, and organized by electing J. Foster, Chairman, and C. S. Dunbar, Secretary.

The meeting then proceeded to select six delegates to attend the Senatorial and Assembly Conventions, at Hudson, Oct. 3d, 1863 ;  and the result of the [sic] their choice were the following gentlemen, viz :  D. M. Lusk, N. S. Dunbar, Joel Fostes [sic: Foster], Wm. Hodges, A. Saunders, C. G. N. Hyerdahl.

An informal ballot was then taken for Clerk of the County Board, when Milton J. Paine, of Pleasant Valley, received a majority of the ballots cast ;  and, on motion, was unanimously declared the nominee of this convention.

A discussion then arose in regad [sic] to a candidate for Superintendent of Co. Schools ;  after which, the following was adopted :

Whereas, the Democrats of Pierce County, feeling a deep interest in the prosperity of our Common school, and in common with the friends of education generally, and in accordance with urgent wishes of our State Superintendent, desire to keep the election of County Superintendent of Schools entirely out of the political arena, and being satisfied that the people wish no change, which opinion has been decidedly expressed in both of our county papers, we did not propose in our call for this Convention to make any nomination for this office, and, whereas, the late co-called Union Convention has, to gratify the feelings of a few personal enemies, put in nomination a new man for this office, in opposition to the wishes of a very large portion of the citizens of this county ;  therefore.

Resolved, That we earnestly solicit Prof. W. T. Hatch, the present incumbent, to run as an independent candidate, entirely untrammeled by any party platform, as this office rightly should be, and we will pledge him our hearty support.

A Co. Committee was then chosen for the ensuing year, composed of J. W. Beardsley, of Prescott, Chairman, Joel Foster, of River Falls, and C. S. Dunbar, of Ellsworth.

The Supervisor Districts then organized and nominated as follows:

1st Dist. J. M. Bailey, Clifton.
2d    ”    William Hodges, Martell.
3d    ”    S. A. Green, Maiden Rock.

On motion, the publishers of our county papers be requested to publish the proceedings of this Convention,


J. FOSTER, Chairman.
C. S. DUNBAR, Sec’y

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