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1863 October 3: Pierce County’s Union Convention and Nominees

October 5, 2013

The following article is from the October 3, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Pierce Co. Union Convention.

Agreably [sic] to the call of the Union County Convention the delegates chosen by the several towns met in convention at Ellsworth Sept. 24th 1863 to choose six delegates to the Senatorial Convention , six Assembly to the convention, to nominate a county school. Superintendent, a County Clerk of Board of Supervisors, (to fill vacancy) and three Supervisors for the County Board.

At 12 o’clock, [P.] M., L. A. Taylor, Chairman of the County Union Committee called the convention to order and nominated Stephen Collins of Prescott, Chairman, and R. J. Wilcox of River Falls Secretary on temporary organization.

On motion, the Chairman appointed H. Felt, J. D. Trundle and L. A. Taylor, committee on credentials.  Adjourned till 2 o’clock P. M.  The Convention was called to order at 2 o’clock by the Chairman.  The committee on credentials reported the following delegates entitled to seats, viz :

Prescott 1st ward, J. H. Southwick. H. A. Jay, 2 votes, 2nd ward C. P. Barnard, 2 votes, S. Collins, G. H. Miller, L. A. Taylor.
Trimbelle—H. Felt, Thos Armstrong, M. Beardsley.
Cliftion—J.C. McMurphy, Jonathan Bailey, John Copley.
Martel—Arne Arneson, Mathias Slatton, Gilbert Harris, Fred. Larson.
Hartlands—Selah Strickland.
Isabel—H. P. Ames.
Pleasant Valley— J. D. Trumble, R. M. Stands.
Union—E. Holt.
Oak Grove— John A. Slirratt, R. A. Weed, w. T. Abright.
River Falls—R. J. Wilcox, Abner Morse, J. A. Short, A. C. Morton, C. H. Crossman, J. H. Collins.
Perry—A. Gibson, W. J. Smith.

The report was received and adopted.

On motion the temporary organization was declared permanent.  On motion the Committee appointed by the Chairman to present the names of six delegates from Pierce Co. to the Senatorial Convention and six delegates from Pierce Co. to the Assembly Convention reported as follows, viz :

For delegates to the Senatorial Convention—L. A. Taylor, John A. Stirratt, R. J. Wilcox, Charles Hutchinson, O. Strahl, J. D. Trumble.  For delegates to the Assembly Convention, C. P. Barnard, John Copley, Thomas Lauder, J. A. Short, H. P. Ames, R. M. Sands.—The report was received and adopted.—The Convention then proceeded to nominate a County School Superintendent.—The informal ballot was as follows, viz :  B. Wilcox 12, W. T. Hatch 5, Chas. Thayer 8, M. J. Paine 5.  After ten spirited and well contested ballotings.  Charles Thayer was declared nominated by the following ballot:  Thayer 19.  Hatch 8.  Wilcox 1.  The convention then proceeded to nominate a County Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.— The informal ballot was as follows :  O. S. Gibbs 14, John Winn 10, M. J. Payne 6.  The fifth ballot was as follows :  Winn 17, Gibbs 7, Payne 5, and John Winn was declared nominated.

The Convention then divided into districts and nominated three County Supervisors as follows :  1st District, I. F. Maynard, 2d District Thomas Lauder, 3d District, R. M. Sands.  Adjourned for one hour.

At seven o’clock the Chairman called the Convention to order and appointed the following County Union Committee :  L. A. Taylor, Charles Hutchinson and J. D. Trumble.  L. A. Taylor presented the following resolutions for adoption :

Resolved, That this Convention adopts the platform of the State Union Convention as an exponent of its political faith and recognizes unconditional loyalty as the only test of political fellowship.

Resolved, That we go for the Constitution and the Union—for the Flag of the Republic, and the Army which upholds it; that we are for peace, but for peace only when the rebels lay down their arms and submit to the government they now defy.

After listening to earnest and spirited speeches from L. A. Taylor, W. J. Copp, and O. Gibbs Jr., the resolutions were heartily and unanimously adopted.  The Convention then adjourned sine die.

—S. COLLINS, Chairman.

R. J. WILCOX, Sec’y.

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